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Song meaning of La petite voix by PNL



Song meaning for La petite voix by PNL

"La petite voix" by PNL delves into themes of ambition, materialism, and the pursuit of wealth in the face of adversity. The song opens with Ademo expressing a desire for luxury and success, as he raps about his determination to rise above challenges and make a statement with his lifestyle. Lines like "J'veux ma paire de LV, pour tous les énerver" (I want my LV pair, to annoy everyone) and "Igo la vie est belle-belle, nan pas comme nos gueules-gueules" (Life is beautiful, not like our faces) highlight the contrast between the harsh realities of life and the aspirational goals of the narrator.

As the song progresses, N.O.S joins in with verses that touch on themes of perseverance and resilience in the face of struggle. He references keeping his earnings hidden away, using them as motivation to keep pushing forward. Lines like "Tout le bénef sous le matelas, zéro dans la shneck de madame" (All the profit under the mattress, nothing in madame's purse) and "Que du bon-char pas de plan C, y a qu'la haine qui m'a apaisé" (Only good weed, no plan B, only hatred has soothed me) showcase a sense of determination and focus on personal success.

The chorus, with the repeated lines "J'entends cette toute petite voix me dire : khey, khey, khey / Faut du biff dans tes ches-po / Prends des risques faut des euros" (I hear this little voice telling me: hey, hey, hey / You need money in your pockets / Take risks, you need euros), serves as a reminder of the constant drive for financial gain and the willingness to take chances to achieve it. The song ultimately paints a picture of individuals navigating a world filled with challenges and setbacks, yet remaining steadfast in their pursuit of wealth and success.

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Ah, the poetic masterpiece "La petite voix" by PNL, where Ademo and N.O.S grace us with their profound insights into life. In this lyrical gem, we witness the deep existential crisis of Ademo as he contemplates the meaning of existence while simultaneously flexing his desire for a pair of Louis Vuitton kicks to trigger the haters. Meanwhile, N.O.S takes us on a journey through the complexities of financial management, from stashing profits under the mattress to pondering the metaphysical implications of love-making and money-making. The chorus serves as a gentle reminder from the universe, whispering "khey, khey, khey" which roughly translates to "Get that bread, take risks, and secure the bag, hunty!" It's like a budgeting seminar set to a trap beat, a true ode to fiscal responsibility and hedonistic aspirations. Truly, a lyrical delicacy that pairs well with a fine wine and a side of financial planning advice.

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