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Purple Rain By Prince And The Revolution

Song meaning of Purple Rain by Prince and the Revolution

Prince and the Revolution


Song meaning for Purple Rain by Prince and the Revolution

Purple Rain by Prince and the Revolution is a melancholic ballad about a failed relationship. The song expresses regret and sorrow for causing pain to the person he loved and only wanted to see them happy. The chorus repeats the phrase "purple rain" as a metaphor for the tears shed during the emotional turmoil of the relationship. The song also touches on the theme of change and the need to move on from the past. The guitar solo at the end of the song is a powerful and emotional expression of the pain and longing felt by the singer. Overall, Purple Rain is a timeless classic that showcases Prince's musical genius and his ability to convey deep emotions through his music.

Funny song meaning for Purple Rain by Prince and the Revolution

Oh, Prince, the king of eccentricity and purple hues! In this classic song, "Purple Rain," he sings about his desire to see his lover happy, but only just that one time. He only wants to see her laughing in the purple rain, which seems like an oddly specific request. He then laments on not being able to steal her from another, and how it's a shame that their friendship had to end. Prince, always the romantic. He then goes on to talk about change and wanting to guide his lover to the purple rain because apparently, that's where all the answers are. To put it simply, the song is about Prince's love for the color purple and his desire to find answers in the rain. Oh, and also about wanting to see his lover's naked body in purple-colored water. Just Prince things.

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