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Song meaning of LA ÚLTIMA by Quevedo



Song meaning for LA ÚLTIMA by Quevedo

"LA ÚLTIMA" by Quevedo is a deeply introspective and reflective song that delves into the artist's journey and the impact that fame and success have had on his life. The lyrics paint a picture of a young artist who started from humble beginnings and rose to prominence in the music industry.

The song begins with the artist acknowledging the protection he feels from a tattoo he got at the age of eighteen, symbolizing his resilience and determination. He expresses his belief that God had plans for him and that he always feels His presence, even though they never speak. This suggests a strong spiritual connection and a sense of guidance throughout his journey.

Quevedo reflects on his early days in LPGC (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria), where he initially struggled to make a living from music. He contrasts those difficult times with his current success, acknowledging that money has changed him to some extent. However, he also reveals moments of vulnerability, where he can't help but cry when remembering the nights he spent writing and recording music. This vulnerability adds depth to his character and highlights the sacrifices he made to pursue his passion.

The artist reminisces about the purity of his early days, where he was content with wherever he was and had nothing to lose. He contrasts this with his current state of having a lot of money but not knowing why he wants it. He expresses a desire to spend it all and return to a state of starting from scratch, where he can find himself again. This longing for simplicity and a fresh start is a recurring theme throughout the song.

Quevedo acknowledges his achievements, being the first in his generation to reach a certain level of success. However, he admits that he no longer sleeps and is constantly on the move, either on the island or in Miami, always working towards something. This relentless pursuit of success and the pressure to maintain it is evident in his lyrics.

The artist also reflects on the need to lose everything in order to return to zero, to remember the struggle it took to climb out of the hole he was in. He mentions the emotional impact of recording a song called "Piel de Cordero" (Lamb's Skin), which gave him goosebumps. He longs to fall in love with the music again, but acknowledges that he can't do it without necessity. This suggests that his passion for music is fueled by the need to express himself and overcome challenges.

Quevedo addresses the superficiality of fame and the music industry, stating that he doesn't care about being seen as vulnerable or what others say about him. He feels more empowered and untouchable when he embraces his flaws and vulnerabilities. He emphasizes his gratitude for being blessed and chosen, and expresses his desire to remain grounded and true to himself, even if he achieves great success.

The song concludes with a mention of Gonza, possibly a reference to a close friend or collaborator, and a rejection of the Grammy award. Quevedo sings that he doesn't sing for accolades, but rather because it hurts. He sees fame as something temporary and emphasizes his connection to his hometown, LPGC, from La Isleta to El Calero. The song ends with an instrumental outro, allowing the listener to reflect on the introspective journey presented throughout the lyrics.

Overall, "LA ÚLTIMA" by Quevedo is a poignant and introspective song that explores the artist's journey, the impact of success, and the longing for simplicity and authenticity. The lyrics showcase Quevedo's vulnerability, resilience, and his desire to stay true to himself amidst the pressures of fame and the music industry.

Funny song meaning for LA ÚLTIMA by Quevedo

Ah, the timeless tale of "LA ÚLTIMA" by Quevedo, a true masterpiece wrapped in layers of poetic genius. Allow me to unravel the hidden depths of this lyrical gem with my hilarious interpretation. So, our protagonist begins with a profound revelation - a tattoo that apparently wards off all evil. But wait, it gets better! At the tender age of eighteen, they knew they were destined for greatness, feeling the presence of God, even though they've never actually spoken to Him. Deep stuff, I tell ya! And then, they reminisce about their humble beginnings, when making a living from music seemed as likely as surviving a zombie apocalypse. As the song progresses, we're treated to a vivid account of their emotional journey, which involved a lot of tears, late-night recording sessions, and some questionable life decisions. But hey, everything was pure back then, and they felt content wherever they happened to be. Ah, the good ol' days! Now, fast forward to the present, where money has changed our protagonist, but not to worry, they're still not sure why they even want it in the first place. Their aspiration? To squander it all and return to ground zero. Ah, the life choices of a superstar! They marvel at being the first of their generation to achieve success and brag about their jet-setting lifestyle between the Canary Islands and Miami. And just when you thought it couldn't get any more whimsical, they mention making a cruise ship album and the need to hit rock bottom again to remember the struggle. Oh, dear artist, I hope a therapist is in your future! They long to fall in love with it all over again but express their inability to do something if not out of necessity - because, you know, they can't be bothered. And in the final breaths of the song, they declare their indifference towards others' opinions, boasting about how they're invincible and blessed. They even throw shade at their friend Gonza, stating that they don't even care about winning a Grammy and sing not for accolades, but because it hurts. Fame, they say, is fleeting, while their hometown of LPGC holds the true significance. And to conclude, our troubled artist bares their soul, revealing that their pain is visible for all to see, with a not-so-subtle metaphor for their wounded heart. Oh, the excruciating ecstasy of it all! So, my friends, there you have it - an epic tale of self-reflection, fame, struggles, and the eternal pursuit of finding oneself again in the chaos. Bravo, Quevedo, bravo!

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