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Is It New Years Yet By Sabrina Carpenter

Song meaning of ​​is it new years yet? by Sabrina Carpenter

Sabrina Carpenter


Song meaning for ​​is it new years yet? by Sabrina Carpenter

"Is it New Year's yet?" by Sabrina Carpenter is a song that captures the feelings of frustration and longing during the holiday season. The lyrics express the narrator's dissatisfaction with the holiday festivities and their desire to fast-forward to New Year's. The song begins with a playful tone, as the narrator admits to being tired of the holiday and not being good at enjoying the present moment. They find the songs overplayed and their relatives' comments irritating.

The pre-chorus delves deeper into the narrator's discontent, describing the small talk and dated traditions as suffocating. They feel trapped in the month of December, which only serves as a reminder of someone they miss. The chorus reflects the narrator's yearning for a change, as they question if it's already New Year's and express their boredom and desire to forget their loneliness at home. They daydream about the excitement of silver and gold, the buzz of champagne, and being kissed by someone other than their current company.

In the second verse, the narrator directs their frustration towards Santa Claus, expressing their disappointment in not receiving what they wished for. They feel overlooked and resentful, wishing for the holiday season to be over. The pre-chorus and chorus are repeated, emphasizing the narrator's impatience and longing for a different experience.

The song concludes with a playful outro, where the narrator repeats the question, "Is it New Year's yet?" This repetition highlights their eagerness for the holiday to arrive and for a fresh start. Overall, "Is it New Year's yet?" captures the emotions of dissatisfaction, longing, and a desire for change during the holiday season.

Funny song meaning for ​​is it new years yet? by Sabrina Carpenter

Oh, Sabrina Carpenter, you just can't stand the holiday season, can you? "Is it New Year's yet?" is like your gloomy anthem, isn't it? You're sick and tired of the holidays, not good at being present (in every sense of the word), and those catchy songs, oh boy, they've been droning on and on. And let's not even get started on your annoying relatives who seem to have a PhD in pissing you off. But hey, at least you're honest about your small talk skills being as exciting as watching paint dry in the kitchen. Dated traditions and a competition of who sucks the most? Count you out. You're trapped in December's prison, missing someone who clearly knows how to escape this festive madness. You just want New Year's to come and save you from this torturous boredom. You dream of silver and gold and that champagne buzz that tingles all the way down to your toes. And most importantly, you wish someone (anyone but Santa) could just give you a damn kiss, because, let's face it, Santa's got you on his naughty list. So, Sabrina, you keep asking the question, "Is it New Year's yet?" because deep down, you know that's the only salvation from this holiday nightmare.

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