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Gastrulation By Soda Luv Ft Krec

Song meaning of Гаструляция (Gastrulation) by SODA LUV (Ft. KREC)



Song meaning for Гаструляция (Gastrulation) by SODA LUV (Ft. KREC)

The song "Гаструляция" by SODA LUV featuring KREC is a powerful and thought-provoking track that delves into various themes and emotions. The lyrics touch upon topics such as dreams, love, power, responsibility, and societal issues.

The song begins with SODA LUV expressing the importance of passing on dreams to the next generation. He talks about creating a slave to fulfill your dreams and locking them away. The lyrics suggest that people often prioritize their own safety and comfort, even if it means betraying their true desires. The ego plays a significant role in this, urging individuals to build empires and disregard trust and love.

As the song progresses, SODA LUV explores the struggles and challenges one faces in life. He mentions the ups and downs, the tears, losses, and hysterics. The lyrics highlight the fear of having only one path to choose from and the responsibility of making choices. The line "Ты так хотел прожить много жизней и умер актёром" (You wanted to live many lives and die as an actor) suggests a desire for a fulfilling and diverse existence.

The song also questions the nature of humanity and society. SODA LUV raises issues such as hunger being a reason to oppress others, one nation considering another as their food, and good intentions being burdened with debt. These lines reflect a critical perspective on the inequalities and injustices prevalent in the world.

The bridge, performed by SODA LUV, emphasizes the desire to break free from societal norms and expectations. The lyrics express a longing to understand the true nature of things and to challenge authority. The line "СМИ рисуют нам жизнь, как слепой иллюстратор" (The media paints our lives like a blind illustrator) suggests a distrust in the media's portrayal of reality.

The second verse, performed by Фьюз, continues to explore themes of deception and manipulation. The lyrics mention evil schemes, hypocrites, and stolen time. Фьюз encourages listeners to break free from societal trends and learn algorithms of movement to stay relevant. He also acknowledges the existence of earthly sins and respects those who go against the mainstream.

Overall, "Гаструляция" is a lyrically dense song that challenges listeners to question societal norms, pursue their dreams, and be aware of the power dynamics at play. The track encourages introspection and critical thinking, making it a thought-provoking piece of music.

Funny song meaning for Гаструляция (Gastrulation) by SODA LUV (Ft. KREC)

Ah, "Гаструляция" by SODA LUV featuring KREC, huh? Well, let's dive into this gastronomical journey of lyrics, shall we? It seems like SODA LUV wants us to pass on dreams to our children along with some sort of genetic blueprint. Create slaves for our fantasies and lock them up at home. Well, that's a bizarre parenting technique if I've ever heard one. And apparently, we're supposed to shake in fear for the safety of our little ones while pretending to love someone else. Talk about an emotional rollercoaster! But hey, who needs trust when you can build empires and deliver the first yellow card? Tears, losses, hissy fits, and sweaty playing cards—sounds like a wild game night to me! The thought that there's only one path in life is a little daunting, though. Especially when you have to choose just one chair out of many. Responsibility for your heartbeat and God's gift, it's heavy stuff. But wait, why does being born a human sound so proud when hunger becomes an excuse to choke someone? And why does one nation consider another its food? Oh, and don't even get me started on good intentions being burdened with debt. Your tail got stepped on, and now you're howling like a wolf. Ready to cuddle up to your tormentor and switch positions, only to realize your role has vanished? Such a dilemma, my friend. Back and forth, like a boy-pig or a jester-peg. Keep dancing to the tune, clueless as ever. The audience always holds a candle over your head while a metaphorical sword of Damocles hangs above you. Unreliable, huh? That's what your words are all about. Everyone says, "It's not me," but you go ahead and buy an elephant. Open that playlist, and you'll find yourself coming back here again for a full dosage. Your drugs are envy and malice, my dear. Oh, and let's not forget that one tired of words is exhausted. It feels like everything is becoming more dreamlike, everything is coming from the bush. My little bone chips break someone's joints in dreams more often. Sometimes we want to know the composition of bodies through action. So don't sleep, shout in the department and create a hassle for the cops. But hey, rationality always triumphs over fear, right? And the media draws our lives like a blind illustrator while some live in fear of the unknown future. Others consume like promiscuous lovers, needing a dosage. Moving on to Fuse's verse, it seems evil never sleeps. It schemes in your feed, infiltrates with special agents, and uses hypocrites who steal time. If you want to be trendy, learn dance moves like algorithms. A rapper on a budget, serving Koshchey and snitching in his free time. He may not be flashy, but he plays the precursor in this bitter tale. The list of earthly sins isn't his joke. He respects those who defy the darkness. Thoughts flow like a river in the micro and Rubicon is behind the proud. If you can't keep up, drop your pen and accept that your brain is flat. Oh, and this isn't a state movie or a book, it's… well, it's shitty in places. Angles can tear the air like a rhino's bedsheets. Cheap babble about social surveys, a tough year, and a shared debt. Leave it to yourself, show-off, and go with that take on your cheek. Fuse has been written off early as a truth-seeker and a bum. He threw a pinch into this cauldron, captured by our block of food. Goddamn, I've never met anyone who walked on water. We all need content and a little dough for that bread. A few cutlets can soften someone's spine. Put on a millimeter of makeup, time for change. Hey, homey, there are no right answers in this world, it's all nonsense everywhere. Slam some pop and don't mention problems in vain. It's like a mishmash and a salad, let's skip the news. Can't be sad all the time, man, cheers to that. The hammer and sickle are back in the game, arrest or execution. Let's protect our ancestors' tomb with a living wall in the name of unity. Hey, cheer up! Tighten your belt a little harder and dance until you turn blue. Sing in unison, my son. Don't criticize everything like a monastery, namaste. The hammer and sickle are back, and it's time to feast or face the firing squad. So, enjoy the ride and chew on that, synod of villains!

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