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Javelin To Have And To Hold By Sufjan Stevens

Song meaning of Javelin (To Have and To Hold) by Sufjan Stevens

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Song meaning for Javelin (To Have and To Hold) by Sufjan Stevens

"Javelin (To Have and To Hold)" by Sufjan Stevens is a haunting and introspective song that delves into the complexities of regret and the consequences of our actions. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a remorseful narrator searching through the snow for a metaphorical javelin they never intended to throw. The javelin represents a hurtful action or words that were directed towards someone, and the narrator is filled with guilt and remorse for the potential harm they could have caused.

The first verse sets the tone of the song, with the narrator expressing their surprise and regret for the unintended consequences of their actions. They acknowledge that if the javelin had hit its mark, there would be blood in the place where the person they hurt stood. This line suggests that the narrator is aware of the pain they could have inflicted on the other person, and they are grappling with the weight of that realization.

The chorus emphasizes the terrible nature of the narrator's thoughts and the burden they carry. The repetition of the line "It's a terrible thought to have and hold" underscores the deep remorse and regret the narrator feels. They are haunted by the knowledge that their actions could have caused harm and are struggling to come to terms with it.

In the second verse, the narrator describes standing in the dark, their eyes fixated on the spot where the person they hurt threw themselves over the rocks. This imagery suggests that the person may have been deeply affected by the narrator's actions, possibly even contemplating self-harm. The narrator acknowledges that if the person hadn't been so fast in their response, there would be blood in the place where they stood. This line further emphasizes the potential harm that could have been done and the narrator's guilt for their role in it.

The repetition of the chorus in the final lines of the song reinforces the weight of the narrator's thoughts and the overwhelming sense of remorse they are experiencing. The song ends on a somber note, leaving the listener with a profound understanding of the consequences of our actions and the importance of considering the potential harm we may cause to others.

Overall, "Javelin (To Have and To Hold)" is a deeply introspective song that explores the themes of regret, guilt, and the potential consequences of our actions. Sufjan Stevens masterfully captures the emotional weight of these themes through evocative lyrics and haunting melodies, leaving a lasting impact on the listener.

Funny song meaning for Javelin (To Have and To Hold) by Sufjan Stevens

Ah, Sufjan Stevens, always bringing the poetic angst. Let me break it down for you, my dear listener. In "Javelin (To Have and To Hold)," Sufjan is searching through the snow, desperately trying to find a javelin that he accidentally flung towards his unfortunate target. You see, if that javelin had hit its mark, there would have been blood splattered all over the place. Yikes! It's quite the terrible thought to have and hold, isn't it? So now, with our protagonist sulking in the dark, his eyes fixated on the very spot where someone took a dramatic plunge off some rocks. If only they weren't so fast, there could have been even more blood on the ground! Oh, the horror! It's another terrible thought to have and hold, oh my! So, my friend, let Sufjan's melancholic musings serve as a gentle reminder to always watch your aim when throwing potentially lethal projectiles. Safety first, folks!

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