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Bigger Than The Whole Sky By Taylor Swift

Song meaning of Bigger Than The Whole Sky by Taylor Swift

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Song meaning for Bigger Than The Whole Sky by Taylor Swift

"Bigger Than The Whole Sky" by Taylor Swift is a poignant and introspective ballad that delves into the aftermath of a heartbreaking loss. The song opens with the narrator expressing their overwhelming grief, as tears flow uncontrollably and their world is consumed by sadness. The use of the metaphor "salt streams out my eyes and into my ears" vividly portrays the depth of their sorrow.

The chorus serves as a farewell to the person they have lost, emphasizing their significance in the narrator's life. The line "You were bigger than the whole sky" suggests that this person was larger than life, perhaps representing a love that was all-encompassing and profound. The lyrics convey a sense of longing and regret, as the narrator reflects on what could have been, what should have been, and what they will now have to live without.

In the second verse, the narrator questions the circumstances surrounding the loss. They wonder if some external force or higher power played a role, or if it was simply a matter of fate. The imagery of everything turning to ashes symbolizes the destruction and finality of the situation. The narrator acknowledges that it is not meant to be and reluctantly accepts the reality.

The bridge reinforces the theme of missed opportunities and what could have been. The repetition of the lines "What could've been, would've been you" emphasizes the lingering thoughts of what might have transpired if things had gone differently. It showcases the narrator's struggle to let go of the possibilities and the person they have lost.

Overall, "Bigger Than The Whole Sky" is a deeply emotional song that explores the aftermath of a significant loss. Taylor Swift's heartfelt lyrics and introspective delivery capture the pain, longing, and acceptance that come with moving on from a love that was larger than life itself.

Funny song meaning for Bigger Than The Whole Sky by Taylor Swift

Ah, Taylor Swift, Queen of Bittersweet Ballads. In "Bigger Than The Whole Sky," Taylor takes her heartbreak to astronomical levels, claiming that her lost love was not just some ordinary fling, but an otherworldly force that could rival the entire cosmos. I mean, talk about exaggeration! She's drowning in her own tears, turning everything she touches into a sad mess. And apparently, she's contemplating whether a bird flying in Asia or her lack of prayer caused the whole breakup. Classic Taylor, always blaming external factors for her love life woes. But hey, she's got a lot to pine about and a lot to live without. So long, bae, you were apparently bigger than the vast expanse of the sky. Guess that's a big deal, in Taylor's book. At least she's never gonna meet what could've been, should've been, would've been you. Stay strong, Taylor, the galaxy will be there to console you. 🌌

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