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If I Die Young By The Band Perry

Song meaning of If I Die Young by The Band Perry

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Song meaning for If I Die Young by The Band Perry

"If I Die Young" by The Band Perry is a poignant song about a young woman who reflects on her life and mortality. She requests to be buried in satin and laid down on a bed of roses, then sunk in a river at dawn with the words of a love song. The lyrics speak of the shortness of life and the unexpectedness of death. The singer wishes to be remembered for the love she gave and the joy she brought to others. The song is a reminder to cherish every moment and to appreciate the people in our lives while we still have them.

Funny song meaning for If I Die Young by The Band Perry

So, I'm not sure what kind of messed up funeral arrangements that The Band Perry has in mind, but apparently, if she dies young (which she sounds pretty damn confident about), she wants to be buried in satin and a bed of roses. I mean, who cares about being eco-friendly when you're dead, right? Then, just to really commit to the ridiculousness, she wants to be sunk in the river at dawn and sent away with a love song. Because apparently, being buried isn't enough, let's make it a whole production. And to top it off, she sings about wearing pearls and selling her thoughts for a dollar after she's gone. Yeah, I'm not really sure what to make of all this.

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