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Bitch By Tina Karol Shumei

Song meaning of Стерва (Bitch) by Тіна Кароль (Tina Karol) & SHUMEI

Тіна Кароль (Tina Karol) & SHUMEI


Song meaning for Стерва (Bitch) by Тіна Кароль (Tina Karol) & SHUMEI

The song "Стерва" (Bitch) by Тіна Кароль and SHUMEI delves into the complexities of a tumultuous relationship where both parties feel wronged and hurt. The lyrics paint a picture of sharp words and actions that have caused wounds and turned the lovers into monsters. In the first verse, Тіна Кароль sings, "Може була неправа, Та твоє слово, Гострими крихтами скла, Стало знову" which translates to "Maybe I was wrong, But your word, Became sharp shards of glass, Once again." This conveys a sense of betrayal and pain in the relationship.

The chorus, sung by both artists, emphasizes the emotional turmoil and manipulation within the relationship. They sing, "Грай з моїми нервами, Хай буду я стервою, Love me kill me, І монстрами стали ми, Гострими іклами ранили, Love me kill me babe" which translates to "Play with my nerves, Let me be a bitch, Love me kill me, And we became monsters, Wounded with sharp fangs, Love me kill me babe." This showcases the toxic dynamic where love and pain are intertwined, leading to a destructive cycle.

The bridge and outro further highlight the intensity of the relationship, with the repeated plea to continue playing with their nerves until their love is extinguished. The lyrics, "Грай з моїми нервами, До поки кохання не стерли ми, Love me kill me babe, І монстрами стали ми, Гострими іклами ранили, Love me kill me babe" convey a sense of desperation and a twisted desire for love despite the suffering.

Overall, "Стерва" (Bitch) by Тіна Кароль and SHUMEI explores the dark and destructive aspects of a relationship where love and pain are intertwined, ultimately leading to a toxic and unsustainable dynamic. The lyrics and emotions conveyed in the song paint a vivid picture of two individuals caught in a cycle of hurt and manipulation, unable to break free from the grip of their own emotions.

Funny song meaning for Стерва (Bitch) by Тіна Кароль (Tina Karol) & SHUMEI

Oh, darling Tina Karol and SHUMEI, it seems like they're having a bit of an existential crisis in this song "Bitch." Tina starts off by questioning if maybe she was wrong, but then she's like, "Whatever, let's just play around with my nerves and turn me into a raging b*tch, because love is apparently maJicAL like that." SHUMEI jumps in, also feeling conflicted, but ultimately succumbs to the idea of being insufferable just for the heck of it. They both seem to have a strange obsession with turning into monsters with sharp teeth, like, what dental plan are they on? And let's not forget the bridge where Tina is like, "Let's keep playing with my nerves until love is completely dead," because nothing says romance like emotional torture, amirite? In the end, they're all like, "Our unbearable love is so unbearable, do you feel it?" I mean, who needs a therapist when you have Tina Karol and SHUMEI turning love into a psychological horror show? Love me, kill me, babe, indeed!

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