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09 04 15 Vs Niggarex By Versus Battle Ft Ernesto Zatknites Niggarex

Song meaning of 09/04/15: Эрнесто Заткнитесь vs. Niggarex by Versus Battle (Ft. Эрнесто Заткнитесь (Ernesto Zatknites) & Niggarex)

Versus Battle


Song meaning for 09/04/15: Эрнесто Заткнитесь vs. Niggarex by Versus Battle (Ft. Эрнесто Заткнитесь (Ernesto Zatknites) & Niggarex)

The song "09/04/15: Эрнесто Заткнитесь vs. Niggarex" by Versus Battle featuring Эрнесто Заткнитесь (Ernesto Zatknites) and Niggarex is a rap battle that delves deep into the world of competitive lyricism and wordplay. The lyrics are filled with clever insults, sharp jabs, and intricate rhymes that showcase the skill and wit of the artists involved.

In the first round, the artists trade barbs with lines like "Ресторатор, ну с хуя ты оппонентов в нас узрел" which translates to "Restaurateur, from where did you see opponents in us?" This line mocks the opponent's perception of their own skills. There are also references to personal insults and challenges, such as "Нигарекс вступил в церковь свидетелей Иеговы и теперь трясёт при свидетелях хуем голым" which translates to "Niggarex joined the Jehovah's Witnesses church and now shakes naked in front of the witnesses."

The lyrics also touch on themes of competition and skill, with lines like "сколько бы ты не принимал меска-лин, всё равно тебе не зачитать как Виз Калифат" which translates to "No matter how much meska-line you take, you still won't read like Viz Caliphate." This highlights the importance of authenticity and talent in the rap battle scene.

Overall, "09/04/15: Эрнесто Заткнитесь vs. Niggarex" is a high-energy track filled with wordplay, insults, and competitive spirit. The artists showcase their lyrical prowess and ability to craft clever rhymes and disses, making it a must-listen for fans of rap battles and intricate lyricism.

Funny song meaning for 09/04/15: Эрнесто Заткнитесь vs. Niggarex by Versus Battle (Ft. Эрнесто Заткнитесь (Ernesto Zatknites) & Niggarex)

Ah, the classic 09/04/15: Эрнесто Заткнитесь vs. Niggarex by Versus Battle! A true masterpiece of lyrical genius... or not. Let's break it down, shall we? It's like a wild competition at the zoo, except instead of animals, we have Ernesto Zatknites and Niggarex battling it out in a lyrical cage match. Ernesto comes in swinging with lines about opponents' nether regions and bringing a friend to the battle (air kiss included, of course), while Niggarex switches gears to join the Jehovah's Witness Church and, erm, shakes things up in a scandalous way. With references to drug use, Moses parting the legs of the sea like it's nobody's business, and even a questionable comparison to tuberculosis, it's a lyrical rollercoaster that makes you question if you accidentally stumbled into a fever dream. But fear not, because all the drama and insults are just par for the course in the glamorous world of Versus Battle. So grab your popcorn, folks, 'cause this lyrical showdown is just heating up and you don't want to miss the next round of lyrical sparring and savagery!

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