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Song meaning of BRAINWASHED by Waterparks



Song meaning for BRAINWASHED by Waterparks

The song "BRAINWASHED" by Waterparks explores the overwhelming and all-consuming nature of infatuation. The lyrics depict the protagonist's intense fascination with someone, to the point where they feel like they are being controlled or manipulated by their emotions.

In the first verse, the singer expresses their surprise at the words that come out of their mouth when they are around this person. They feel like they are speaking a different language, indicating that their thoughts and actions are being influenced by their infatuation. The line "What if I pray? Hopin' you'll stay into the daylight" suggests that the protagonist is desperate for this person's attention and presence, even to the point of praying for it. They acknowledge that their feelings may be irrational, saying, "Wait, what am I sayin'? I feel insane. It's only been a couple of days."

The chorus reinforces the idea of being brainwashed by this person. The protagonist admits to having the same thoughts constantly, unable to stop thinking about them. They feel transparent and in need of this person's validation, wondering why they find them so cool. The line "Everything's clean except for my thoughts" implies that while everything else in their life may seem normal, their thoughts are consumed by this person. The lyrics "Thinkin' about me gettin' you off" suggest that the protagonist's thoughts are not just innocent infatuation but also have a sexual component.

In the second verse, the singer questions their own behavior, wondering why they act differently when this person is involved. They mention putting on an act, exaggerating their laughter, and even questioning if they are hallucinating due to their intense infatuation. The line "It's like my brain isn't mine, you moved into my mind" further emphasizes the loss of control and autonomy the protagonist feels.

The bridge introduces the concept of Stockholm syndrome, a psychological phenomenon where hostages develop an emotional bond with their captors. The singer compares their feelings to this syndrome, suggesting that they are willingly allowing themselves to be "kept on lock" by this person. The lyrics "Symmetrical feelings match best when we're starin' at the ceilin'" imply that their connection is strongest when they are alone together, lost in their thoughts.

Overall, "BRAINWASHED" by Waterparks delves into the overwhelming and sometimes irrational nature of infatuation. The lyrics paint a picture of someone who feels controlled by their emotions, unable to escape the thoughts and feelings associated with their intense attraction to another person.

Funny song meaning for BRAINWASHED by Waterparks

Ah, the song "BRAINWASHED" by Waterparks, huh? Well, it seems like this person is completely infatuated with someone to the point of losing their mind. They're so entranced by this individual that they're convinced they've been brainwashed! It's like they can't even form coherent thoughts anymore. They're living in a world where everything is clean, except for their thoughts, which are filled with...ahem...risqué fantasies. And to make matters worse, they've been at this person's house for a whole week and they just can't bring themselves to leave. It's freaking them out, man! All in all, this song is a reminder of the wackiness of infatuation and just how easily our brains can be hijacked by a pretty face. Stay vigilant, people!

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