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After We Make Love By Whitney Houston

Song meaning of After We Make Love by Whitney Houston

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Song meaning for After We Make Love by Whitney Houston

"After We Make Love" by Whitney Houston is a heartfelt ballad that explores the overwhelming emotions and joy that come after experiencing true love. The song delves into the transformative power of love and the profound impact it can have on one's life.

The lyrics in the first verse express the longing and anticipation the narrator has felt for a genuine love to come their way. They have been waiting for a love that is real and enduring. The line "I've been waiting such a long time for a love that's real to come my way" showcases the narrator's patience and desire for a deep connection.

The chorus emphasizes the intense emotions experienced after making love. The narrator becomes lost in the afterglow, unable to let go of the overwhelming feeling of love. The line "You're all I'm dreaming of, I just can't let the feeling go" portrays the narrator's deep attachment and emotional connection to their partner.

The bridge reflects on the narrator's past experiences of loneliness and heartbreak. They express gratitude for not giving their heart away easily, as it has led them to this moment of finding true love. The line "All those lonely days and nights were well worth going through, I'm so glad I never gave my heart away" highlights the narrator's journey and the significance of the love they have found.

The refrain in the song echoes the sentiment expressed in the first verse, emphasizing the narrator's realization that love is here to stay. The line "It's gonna take some getting used to, now that love is here to stay" signifies the narrator's adjustment to the presence of love in their life.

Overall, "After We Make Love" is a beautiful and heartfelt song that celebrates the transformative power of love. It portrays the narrator's overwhelming joy and gratitude for finding a love that is real and enduring. Whitney Houston's powerful vocals and emotional delivery further enhance the depth and meaning of the lyrics.

Funny song meaning for After We Make Love by Whitney Houston

Ah, Whitney Houston, the queen of soulful ballads. Now, in "After We Make Love," Whitney takes us on a journey through the perilous and treacherous terrain of... post-coital bliss. Yes, my friends, she's found herself a real love, so real that it's gonna take some getting used to. But fear not, for once she and her lover get down and dirty, she becomes lost, utterly lost, in the magical afterglow, like a GPS system that's taken a wrong turn. And let me tell you, the feeling is so intense, so overwhelming, that she just can't let it go. It's like trying to pry a slice of pizza away from a hungry teenager! Whitney assures us that this love is otherworldly, yes, it's heaven and earth combined, and all that matters is right here and now. So, my friends, let's join Whitney in celebrating the marvels of post-lovemaking enchantment, where even touchy topics like loneliness and heartbreak are a small price to pay for the ecstasy of giving someone your heart after a steamy session. Bravo, Whitney, bravo! 👏👏👏

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