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Pick Up The Phone By Young Thug Travis Scott Ft Quavo

Song meaning of ​pick up the phone by Young Thug & Travis Scott (Ft. Quavo)

Young Thug & Travis Scott


Song meaning for ​pick up the phone by Young Thug & Travis Scott (Ft. Quavo)

"Pick Up the Phone" by Young Thug & Travis Scott (ft. Quavo) is a high-energy trap anthem that explores themes of love, loyalty, and the pursuit of success. The song features catchy melodies, infectious beats, and clever wordplay, showcasing the unique styles of both Young Thug and Travis Scott.

The song opens with Young Thug and Starrah setting the tone for the track, with Thugger's signature ad-libs and Scott's melodic delivery. Travis Scott takes the first verse, boasting about his success and the lifestyle that comes with it. He talks about pouring up a drink, calling up a girl just for a casual encounter, and flexing his wealth. The chorus emphasizes the urgency of the situation, urging the listener to pick up the phone and connect with him.

The post-chorus section highlights the loyalty and dedication Scott has towards his partner. He promises never to cheat or betray her, willing to spend extravagantly on her without any reason. He references his luxury car, the MR2, and his flashy Rolex watch, expressing his desire to impress and spoil his significant other.

Young Thug takes over the second verse, showcasing his unique flow and wordplay. He references his lean addiction, his financial success, and his willingness to support his family. He also touches on the struggles of fame and the pressure to maintain his status as a star. Thugger's verse is filled with clever wordplay and metaphors, showcasing his lyrical prowess.

Quavo joins in for the third verse, adding his signature style to the track. He references Macaulay Culkin from the movie "Home Alone," admitting his mistakes and apologizing for his wrongdoings. He expresses his love for his partner and his willingness to spend money on her, mentioning his expensive taste in fashion and his attraction to women of all races.

Overall, "Pick Up the Phone" is a catchy and energetic song that combines the talents of Young Thug, Travis Scott, and Quavo. It explores themes of love, loyalty, and the pursuit of success, all while delivering infectious melodies and memorable lyrics.

Funny song meaning for ​pick up the phone by Young Thug & Travis Scott (Ft. Quavo)

Ah, the lyrical masterpiece that is "Pick Up the Phone" by Young Thug and Travis Scott. Let's dive into it like we're jumping into a pool of syrupy codeine, shall we? Travis starts things off by proudly proclaiming that he's about to pour up a "four" like he's conducting some kind of twisted chemistry experiment. But hey, that's not all! He then proceeds to call someone's significant other just to have some fun and show her a good time. Ah, the romantic gestures of the modern age. And if that wasn't enough, he goes on to let us know that he's a master of multitasking by managing to "pour four up" while simultaneously "roll up that roll-up." Such talent, much wow! Meanwhile, Young Thug jumps in with his own unique set of insights. Apparently, he's all about that Actavis, pouring up his fancy cough syrup like it's a work of art. He also proudly tells us about the screws in his mouth (hmm, dental hygiene goals right there) and how he's busy "fucking this cash" (I can only imagine how that works). He even goes as far as paying his sister's tuition because, you know, he's just a generous guy with a big heart. Overall, "Pick Up the Phone" is an inspirational story about love, chemistry, multitasking, dental hygiene, and sibling support. Truly a song that will go down in history books, or at least in the annals of weirdly captivating rap lyrics.

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