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Weight To The Bar By Yung Energy

Song meaning of Weight To The Bar by Yung Energy

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Song meaning for Weight To The Bar by Yung Energy

"Weight To The Bar" by Yung Energy is a high-energy track that showcases the artist's determination to rise from the streets to the stage and make a name for himself. The hook emphasizes the idea of pushing oneself to the limit and leaving a lasting impact, with lines like "I jus had to wake up (and get to da change)" and "Imma reach out and make sure you know my name." This sets the tone for the rest of the song, where Yung Energy delivers confident and assertive verses.

In the first verse, Yung Energy compares himself to a lion in the jungle and references iconic figures like Aaliyah and Donald Trump. He boasts about his speed and agility, likening himself to a cheetah and expressing his relentless pursuit of success. The lyrics "I’m movin too fast like the matrix, Neo" and "I’m da truth make it happen on da D low" highlight his self-assurance and drive to excel in the music industry.

The second verse continues the theme of perseverance and ambition, with Yung Energy declaring that he's willing to risk everything to achieve his goals. He references his roots in the streets and credits his success to hard work and dedication. Lines like "I’m on the way to the top and it’s evident" and "I’m a gift from the block and I’m heaven sent" showcase his confidence and belief in his own abilities.

Overall, "Weight To The Bar" is a motivational anthem that encourages listeners to strive for greatness and never settle for mediocrity. Yung Energy's dynamic delivery and powerful lyrics convey a sense of determination and resilience, making this track a standout in his discography.

Funny song meaning for Weight To The Bar by Yung Energy

Alright, gather 'round, folks, and let me break down the lyrical masterpiece that is "Weight To The Bar" by Yung Energy. So, Yung Energy wakes up one day, decides it's time to go from the block to the stage, and drop some knowledge bombs. He's out here adding weight to the bar like he's trying to impress a gym crush, but hey, we ont bench the same weight lil' nigga! Then he starts spitting fire about being a bomb in the water (uh, please don't blow up the pool, Yung), having a Mortal Kombat flow like Sub Zero (someone get Scorpion on the phone), and being a lion in the jungle like a Leo (watch out, Simba). He's running to the money like a cheetah (gotta get that cash, fast and furry-ous), and apparently, he's higher than the clouds blowing Arizona reefer (maybe lay off the herbal supplements, Yung). And did he just say he rocks a b*tch's boat like Aaliyah? I have so many questions, but I'm too busy vroom vrooming on a bike 2 wheels. Yung's on a whole new level, reaching out and making sure we know his name, but hey, with lyrics like "Gators in da water Tim Tebow," I think we all need to take a moment and reflect on the poetic genius that is Yung Energy. *mic drop*

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