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Song meaning of Бесы (Demons) by Звери (Zveri)

Звери (Zveri)


Song meaning for Бесы (Demons) by Звери (Zveri)

The song "Бесы" (Demons) by Звери (Zveri) is a powerful and introspective track that delves into the depths of one's emotions and the inner turmoil caused by the presence of demons. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a dark place within the singer's heart and mind, where these demons have taken residence.

In the first verse, the singer reveals that the demons have settled in this dark place, causing them to moan and howl. This imagery suggests that these demons are not only tormenting the singer, but also seeking release from their own suffering. The plea to be set free indicates a desire for liberation from the overwhelming influence of these demons.

The chorus emphasizes the impact of these demons, stating that they drive the listener insane. The warning not to look into their eyes suggests that the demons possess a captivating and hypnotic power, capable of ensnaring and manipulating those who succumb to their gaze. This line serves as a cautionary reminder to avoid falling under their spell.

The second verse continues to explore the presence of these demons, this time within the singer's thoughts and body. The demons are described as moaning and howling once again, emphasizing their constant presence and the distress they cause. The plea to be released on this occasion further emphasizes the desire for freedom from their influence.

The chorus is repeated once more, reinforcing the idea that these demons have a profound effect on the listener's sanity. The warning not to look into their eyes is reiterated, emphasizing the danger of succumbing to their power.

Overall, "Бесы" (Demons) by Звери (Zveri) is a haunting and introspective song that explores the inner struggles caused by the presence of demons. The lyrics convey a sense of desperation and a yearning for liberation from their tormenting influence.

Funny song meaning for Бесы (Demons) by Звери (Zveri)

Ah, "Бесы" by Звери! A song that perfectly captures the agonizing emotional rollercoaster of having demons within your heart and mind. I mean, who needs therapy when you can just let those pesky demons roam free? They moan and howl, begging for liberation, as if they were misunderstood little creatures just trying to find their place in the universe. But hey, don't look them in the eyes, or they'll really drive you insane! It's like staring into the abyss, but instead of the abyss staring back at you, it's demons doing the staring. Clearly, this song is a reminder that sometimes it's better to let your inner demons get their fifteen minutes of fame. So go ahead, embrace the madness, and let these "Бесы" drive you absolutely bonkers! Who needs sanity anyway?

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