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Aur Ho By Mohit Chauhan Ft Alma Ferovic

Song meaning of Aur Ho by Mohit Chauhan (Ft. Alma Ferovic)

A.R. Rahman

Song meaning for Aur Ho by Mohit Chauhan (Ft. Alma Ferovic)

"Aur Ho" by Mohit Chauhan (Ft. Alma Ferovic) is a soulful and passionate song composed by A.R. Rahman. The lyrics express a deep longing and desire for someone, as the singer contemplates their absence and yearns to be with them. The verses convey the intensity of emotions, with lines like "Is lamhe kya kar jaaoon, jo mujhe chain mile, aaram mile" (What should I do with these moments, where I find peace and comfort) and "Aur ho, aur ho, saans ka shor ho" (Let there be more, let there be the noise of breath). The song beautifully captures the essence of love and the overwhelming emotions that come with it.

Funny song meaning for Aur Ho by Mohit Chauhan (Ft. Alma Ferovic)

Ah, the whimsical tune of "Aur Ho" by Mohit Chauhan and Alma Ferovic, accompanied by the musical genius A.R. Rahman. The verses start off with some unintelligible humming, because what better way to make sense of our emotions than through incomprehensible sounds? The singer then ponders whether their darling dilbere (whatever that means) knows that they can no longer see them by their side. Oh, the tragedy! But fear not, dear listeners, because this song is about to take a turn into some cryptic metaphors and intense desires. The chorus bursts in, proclaiming the desire for a breathless commotion, with flames rising and the heat intensifying. It's like a super dramatic sauna session, but instead of sweating away toxins, we're melting away our sanity. Ah, the joys of love! But hey, let's not forget the real question at hand: what on earth does "Meri bebasi ka bayan hai" mean? Is it the declaration of some ancient secret? Or just some fancy phrase to make us all raise our eyebrows and tilt our heads in confusion? Either way, enjoy the rollercoaster ride of emotions that is "Aur Ho"!

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