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Azhagiye By A R Rahman Ft Arjun Chandy Haricharan Jonita Gandhi

Song meaning of Azhagiye by A.R. Rahman (Ft. Arjun Chandy, Haricharan & Jonita Gandhi)

A.R. Rahman

Song meaning for Azhagiye by A.R. Rahman (Ft. Arjun Chandy, Haricharan & Jonita Gandhi)

"Azhagiye" is a Tamil song composed by A.R. Rahman and performed by Arjun Chandy, Haricharan, and Jonita Gandhi. The song is featured in the soundtrack of the Tamil film "Kaatru Veliyidai" directed by Mani Ratnam. The lyrics of "Azhagiye" are penned by Karky. The song begins with the protagonist expressing their anticipation and excitement, waiting for their beloved. The line "Waiting for a புன்னகை சிரிடிகாணவில்லை heartbeat திருடி" signifies the restlessness and longing they feel in their heart. They are eagerly waiting for their lover's arrival, as their heartbeat races in anticipation. The lyrics then describe the protagonist as a poet who has fallen in love with their beloved. They express their admiration for their lover, stating "அடடா நான் கவிஞன் உனை பார்த்துகெட்டுப்போன கவிஞன்." Here, they compare themselves to a poet who has found inspiration in their lover's presence. The chorus of the song, "Chorus ah நான் கேட்கவா எஸ்-சா எஸ்-சா நோ-வா எஸ்-சா," is a playful and catchy line that adds to the overall charm of the song. It signifies the protagonist's desire to hear their lover's voice and the joy they experience when they do. The main theme of "Azhagiye" revolves around the beauty and allure of the beloved. The repeated lines "அழகியே…… மேரி மீ மேரி மீ அழகியே" emphasize the enchanting nature of the lover. The protagonist is captivated by their beauty and considers them to be their own personal "Mary." The lyrics also touch upon the idea that the protagonist has heard about their lover from others and expresses gratitude for having found them. They believe that their life has become more colorful and vibrant since their lover entered their life. The song concludes with the protagonist expressing their desire to forget all anger and worries in the presence of their beloved. They want to embrace the beauty of love and enjoy every moment with their lover. The line "காதல் வந்தால் மேட்டர் வந்தால் Call அடி" signifies their willingness to let go of everything else when love arrives. Overall, "Azhagiye" is a melodious and romantic song that celebrates the beauty of love and the joy it brings to one's life. The lyrics, combined with A.R. Rahman's soulful composition, create a captivating musical experience.

Funny song meaning for Azhagiye by A.R. Rahman (Ft. Arjun Chandy, Haricharan & Jonita Gandhi)

Ah, the song "Azhagiye" by A.R. Rahman, where the lyrics go on a rollercoaster ride of random words and phrases that I'm not entirely sure make any sense. But hey, let's give it a shot, shall we? So apparently, this person is waiting for a heartbeat, but not just any heartbeat, a புன்னகை சிரிடிகாணவில்லை (try saying that five times fast) heartbeat. I guess they're being really specific about what kind of heartbeat they want. And then they claim to be a poet who stole a glimpse of the person they're singing to, and they're so humble about it, saying "Honest ah நான் பேசவா இல்லை" ("Honestly, I don't speak about it"). But hey, buddy, you just sang about it, so I think the secret's out. And then there's this chorus of "எஸ்-சா எஸ்-சா நோ-வா எஸ்-சா" (Sassy, sassy, no-va sassy) which is just confusing me even more. Is this a secret code or something? Are they trying to summon the spirit of sassiness? I don't know, but it's definitely catchy. Overall, this song is a wild ride of random phrases and questionable meanings, but it's got a fun beat, so I'll give it that. Ah, the beauty of music, where sometimes the lyrics don't even need to make sense to enjoy the song.

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