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Song meaning of LIKE THAT by BABYMONSTER



Song meaning for LIKE THAT by BABYMONSTER

"LIKE THAT" by BABYMONSTER is a catchy pop song that delves into themes of attraction, desire, and the pursuit of love. The lyrics paint a picture of someone who is captivated by another person and is willing to take a chance to get closer to them. The song opens with the narrator expressing their interest in someone, acknowledging their high standards, and hinting at a potential connection that could be formed if they were to approach them. Lines like "If I come close, baby, would you like that?" and "If I show you that I know where it's at, Baby, would you like that?" convey a sense of anticipation and eagerness to make a move.

The chorus of the song emphasizes the desire to please the object of affection, with lyrics such as "Say you want love, boy, I know what that means, Make you feel way better than in your dreams." This showcases the narrator's confidence in their ability to provide the love and attention that the other person is seeking. The repetition of the question "Baby, would you like that?" throughout the chorus reinforces the theme of seeking approval and validation from the person they are interested in.

The bridge of the song introduces a more intimate and vulnerable tone, with the singers expressing a desire to hold the person they are attracted to in their arms. This shift in tone adds a layer of emotional depth to the song, highlighting the longing for closeness and connection.

Overall, "LIKE THAT" by BABYMONSTER is a fun and upbeat track that explores the excitement and uncertainty of pursuing a romantic interest. The lyrics convey a mix of confidence, vulnerability, and longing, making it a relatable and engaging song for listeners who have experienced the thrill of new attraction.

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Ah, let's dive into this lyrical masterpiece, shall we? So, "LIKE THAT" by BABYMONSTER is basically a musical love potion disguised as a modern-day mating ritual. The singers are essentially engaging in a deep stare-off competition, sizing each other up with the intensity of a lion hunting its prey. They're like, "Hey, I see that look on your face, and if we keep staring like this, I might just have to awkwardly shuffle in your direction." It's all about high standards, you know, like only the finest grade A organic love will do for these folks. And then we have Ruka casually dropping some wisdom like, "Yo, it's like that like that, how you run it right back," which I can only assume is a cryptic message about the importance of making sure your crush knows how to return a text promptly. And finally, with lines like "I want you in my arms, in my arms, my arms (That's where you need to be)," it's clear that this song is basically a PSA for proper cuddling etiquette. So, in conclusion, if you ever find yourself wondering if someone would like it if you come close or give some, just remember to ask yourself, "Baby, would you like that?" and everything will fall into place... maybe.

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