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Song meaning of SHEESH by BABYMONSTER



Song meaning for SHEESH by BABYMONSTER

"SHEESH" by BABYMONSTER is a high-energy track that exudes confidence and empowerment. The song opens with the repeated chant of "Da-la-lun-dun" and sets the tone for a bold declaration of self-assurance. The lyrics in the first verse, sung by Chiquita and Rora, convey a sense of confrontation and challenge as they sing, "Mano, a mano, I see you in slow-mo, You know you're in trouble." This sets the stage for a showdown, where the protagonist is ready to face any obstacle head-on.

The chorus, performed by Ahyeon and Chiquita, features the catchy repetition of "Sheesh, sheesh," which serves as a celebratory exclamation of success and triumph. The use of the word "Sheesh" in this context conveys a sense of amazement and admiration from onlookers, as the artists confidently assert their dominance and prowess. The inclusion of the group's name, "B-A-B-Y-M-O-NSheesh," further emphasizes their unity and strength as a collective force.

The second verse, delivered by Ruka, Ahyeon, and a combination of both, showcases a playful and boastful attitude as they rap about commanding attention and leaving a lasting impression. Lines like "Crown this queen, 홈런은 쳤고 내 다음은 위어중이떠중이 중간 아님" highlight a sense of achievement and ambition, with the artists aiming for greatness and recognition in their endeavors.

As the song progresses, the bridge and post-bridge sections introduce a sense of urgency and determination, urging listeners to rise to the occasion and reach new heights. The repeated refrain of "Tell a friend, tell a friend, tell a friend" emphasizes the group's desire to spread their message of empowerment and success to a wider audience.

Overall, "SHEESH" by BABYMONSTER is a dynamic and empowering anthem that celebrates self-assurance, triumph, and unity. The lyrics convey a sense of boldness and determination, encouraging listeners to embrace their strengths and confidently navigate through challenges. With its infectious energy and empowering message, the song serves as a rallying cry for individuals to stand tall, command attention, and celebrate their achievements.

Funny song meaning for SHEESH by BABYMONSTER

Ah, "SHEESH" by BABYMONSTER, huh? Well, listen up, folks, because this song is basically a battle cry from a group of confident, sassy monsters who are ready to slay all their haters! They're like, "Hey, we're here to conquer the world, so step aside or get ready to be dazzled by our fabulousness!" With lyrics about seeing trouble in slow-mo, telling you to dance like a snail in a blessing-filled maze, and making your eyes pop with shock while they crown themselves queen - it's all about taking charge and making heads turn. And let's not forget about the ghostly arrival in a car, the heartbeats that go pop-pump-pump, and the urge to fly away and turn the world upside down! So, when they scream "Sheesh, sheesh," what they really mean is, "Bow down, earthlings, the BABYMONSTERS have arrived, and we're here to slay and play!" Sheesh, indeed!

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