Vise Od Srece Repeat By Ceca Ft Zeljko Joksimovic

Song meaning of Više od sreće (Repeat) by Ceca (Ft. Željko Joksimović)



Song meaning for Više od sreće (Repeat) by Ceca (Ft. Željko Joksimović)

As I was listening to the song "Više od sreće (Repeat)" by Ceca featuring Željko Joksimović, I couldn't help but feel a wave of emotions washing over me. The lyrics of this song really hit me deep in the heart, you know? It's like they were speaking directly to my soul.

In the first verse, when Željko Joksimović and Ceca sing about how life goes on without them and how things have changed, it made me reflect on moments in my own life when I felt left behind or forgotten. The lines "Samo hladno 'zdravo' kad mi vratiš klince" really struck a chord with me, reminding me of times when relationships have ended and all that's left is a cold goodbye.

And then, the chorus comes in with the powerful message that "Ljubav je više od sreće" which translates to "Love is more than happiness." This line really resonated with me because it's true, isn't it? Love is not always sunshine and rainbows; sometimes it hurts, and that's okay. The lyrics about embracing the pain and letting it make you stronger really spoke to me on a personal level.

The post-chorus where they repeat "Oko sebe dižem zid, Stavljam tugu na repeat" which means "I build a wall around me, I put sadness on repeat" made me think about how we sometimes try to protect ourselves by shutting others out, even though deep down we're just hurting ourselves more.

Overall, this song is a beautiful reminder that it's okay to feel pain, to cry, and to let yourself be vulnerable. It's a reminder that love is complex and messy, but it's also what makes us feel alive. So, let the tears flow, let the pain wash over you, because in the end, it's all part of being human.

And remember, "Suze te podsete da si živ" - "Tears remind you that you're alive." So embrace your emotions, embrace the music, and let yourself feel every note of this powerful song.

Funny song meaning for Više od sreće (Repeat) by Ceca (Ft. Željko Joksimović)

Ah, "Više od sreće" by Ceca featuring Željko Joksimović, a real emotional rollercoaster disguised as a song. So, let me break it down for you. Željko and Ceca basically start off by throwing some savage compliments at each other like, "Oh wow, you look amazing without me, shortened your hair, got a facelift, congrats on the new car and career, and the younger lover, but yeah, I'm not 22 anymore!" Classic midlife crisis vibes, am I right? And then they hit us with this profound realization that love is more than just happiness – it's about heartbreak, crying, and feeling alive through the pain. They literally sing about building walls around themselves, putting sadness on repeat, and embracing the tears as a reminder that they're still alive. I mean, I get it, but couldn't they just have a therapy session instead of turning it into a dramatic musical production? But hey, who needs a therapist when you have Ceca and Željko belting out profound life lessons through those Balkan ballads, right? It's like watching a soap opera, but with more melodrama and less plot twists. So, next time you're feeling down, just remember to put your sadness on repeat, shed a tear or two, and embrace the chaos because apparently, that's what makes you truly alive. Cheers to emotional turmoil set to music!

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