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Song meaning of Za kraj by Ceca



Song meaning for Za kraj by Ceca

"Za kraj" by Ceca is a heartfelt song that explores the complexities of a failing relationship. The lyrics convey a sense of regret and resignation, as the protagonist acknowledges that it is time to bring things to an end. In the first verse, she expresses her fear of having a bad premonition about the situation. She understands that even the most beautiful words spoken tonight would be in vain, as it would be foolish to try and keep the relationship going using them.

The second verse reveals that the protagonist has more to offer in the relationship, but it is now too late to try. She reflects on the years of self-deception, where she lied to herself about her own capabilities and desires. She realizes that she could have done more, but she chose not to.

The chorus emphasizes the protagonist's desire to show her love to her partner, but she believes that he would mock her and think she is crazy. She believes that he would perceive her actions as a dream or a figment of his imagination. The chorus also implies that even if she were to show her love now, it would not be the same, as he would no longer love her in the same way.

In the third verse, the protagonist reiterates that she has more to give in the relationship, but it is too late for her to try. She acknowledges the years of self-deception once again, admitting that she lied to herself about her capabilities and what she could have done.

The song concludes with the realization that her partner would never love her in the same way again. The line "Ali ti me takvu nikada više ne bi voleo" (But you would never love me like that again) signifies the acceptance of the end of the relationship and the understanding that things can never go back to how they were.

Overall, "Za kraj" is a poignant song that delves into the emotions of regret, self-deception, and the acceptance of the inevitable end of a relationship. Ceca's powerful vocals and the melancholic melody further enhance the emotional depth of the song.

Funny song meaning for Za kraj by Ceca

Ah, "Za kraj" by Ceca, a song that perfectly captures the sentimental rollercoaster of a relationship on the brink of its demise. In this hauntingly poetic piece, Ceca contemplates what she would say to her significant other as the relationship nears its end. But alas, she fears that her beautiful words would only fall on deaf ears, similar to a Shakespearean tragedy performed in the midst of a raucous circus. She recognizes the timing is too late to salvage what once was, as she admits to deceiving herself for countless years, pretending she couldn't be the person she truly had the potential to be. She's now left with the bitter realization that if she were to showcase her love to him now, he would laugh uncontrollably, assuming she's lost her marbles or is trapped in some ludicrous dream. And even if she did attempt to reveal her love, it wouldn't matter, for he could never love the person she has become. Ah, love, it's a messy, confusing, and hilarious thing, isn't it?

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