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Cough It Up By Apoc Krysis Ft Freddie Dredd Jak3

Song meaning of Cough It Up by Apoc Krysis (Ft. Freddie Dredd & Jak3)

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Song meaning for Cough It Up by Apoc Krysis (Ft. Freddie Dredd & Jak3)

"Cough It Up" by Apoc Krysis featuring Freddie Dredd and Jak3 is a gritty and intense track that delves into themes of crime, greed, and power. The song opens with Freddie Dredd's verse, where he sets the tone with lines like "Rob your ass of all your riches, Listen here, you little snitches." Here, Dredd portrays a character who is unapologetically ruthless and willing to do whatever it takes to come out on top. The lyrics suggest a sense of superiority and a disregard for consequences, as seen in the lines "Suckas never die to play, I am not a human."

Apoc Krysis takes over in the second verse, adding to the narrative with lines like "Do my stick ups with a 9, 'Cause smash and grabs is small time." Krysis's character is portrayed as someone who is deeply involved in criminal activities, unafraid to use violence to achieve their goals. The lyrics also touch on themes of materialism and excess, with references to "Pounds of weed then bag it up" and a nonchalant attitude towards wealth, as seen in the line "Greedy like I'm Scrooge McDuck (I really do not give a fuck)."

Overall, "Cough It Up" paints a vivid picture of a world where power and money reign supreme, and individuals are willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead. The lyrics are raw and unapologetic, showcasing a darker side of human nature and the lengths some will go to in pursuit of their desires. The collaboration between Freddie Dredd and Apoc Krysis creates a dynamic and intense track that leaves a lasting impression on the listener.

Funny song meaning for Cough It Up by Apoc Krysis (Ft. Freddie Dredd & Jak3)

Ah, the lyrical masterpiece "Cough It Up" by Freddie Dredd featuring Apoc Krysis. A riveting tale of two modern-day Robin Hoods, if Robin Hood was a gangsta rapper and Friar Tuck was into bagging pounds of weed. Freddie Dredd comes in hot, stealing your riches and making you question your life choices while simultaneously reminding you that you're just a tiny speck in his world. Meanwhile, Apoc Krysis is out here doing stick-ups with a 9 like it's nothing, pimping for that cash flow. And let's not forget the deep philosophical question posed to the banker about owning too many rugs – truly the struggles of our time. So, next time you find yourself in a shady deal or contemplating your rug collection, just remember to cough up whatever it is you owe, because these guys really do not give a f*** and they will break it up, but hey, at least they do it with a certain flair that only true gangsta rappers and weed enthusiasts possess.

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