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Cough It Up By Freddie Dredd Ft Apoc Krysis

Song meaning of Cough It Up by Freddie Dredd (Ft. Apoc Krysis)

Freddie Dredd


Song meaning for Cough It Up by Freddie Dredd (Ft. Apoc Krysis)

"Cough It Up" by Freddie Dredd featuring Apoc Krysis delves into the themes of crime, greed, and the consequences that come with living a life of illegal activities. The song opens with Freddie Dredd asserting his dominance and lack of remorse when it comes to criminal behavior. He talks about robbing others of their riches and the fleeting nature of material wealth. The line "What is going through your brain, you act so quick then feel the shame" highlights the impulsive and ultimately regretful actions of those involved in criminal activities.

Apoc Krysis enters in the second verse, adding to the narrative of the song by discussing his own criminal endeavors. He mentions using a gun for his stick-ups and the allure of easy money through illegal means. The line "Greedy like I'm Scrooge McDuck, I really do not give a f***" showcases the unapologetic and selfish mindset of someone deeply entrenched in criminal behavior. The reference to Scrooge McDuck, a character known for his wealth and greed, further emphasizes the theme of materialism and the lengths people will go to acquire it.

The chorus, with the repeated phrase "cough it up," serves as a metaphor for facing the consequences of one's actions. It implies that eventually, individuals engaged in criminal activities will have to pay the price for their deeds. The song overall paints a gritty picture of a world where morality is blurred, and the pursuit of wealth leads to a cycle of crime and punishment. The aggressive delivery and raw lyrics of "Cough It Up" make it a compelling exploration of the darker aspects of human nature and the allure of forbidden fruit.

Funny song meaning for Cough It Up by Freddie Dredd (Ft. Apoc Krysis)

Ah, the lyrical poetry of "Cough It Up" by Freddie Dredd and Apoc Krysis, a true masterpiece of modern-day Shakespearean storytelling. Let's break it down, shall we? In this saga of criminal confessions, Freddie Dredd is basically saying, "Listen up, fools, I'm here to rob you blind and make you feel like tiny crumbs in my lavish world of thievery. I'm not just a human, I'm a fuming force of nature with money on my mind and no time for regrets. Meanwhile, Apoc Krysis comes in hot with his tales of sophistication, rocking some sweet raps about wielding a 9mm, flexing those Scrooge McDuck vibes, and casually chatting with his bewildered banker about rug collections. These guys are like the hipster Robin Hoods of the underworld, all about the finesse and style of making you cough up that cash while dropping bars hotter than a stolen Rolex. So, next time you hear this track, remember to clutch your wallet tight and maybe invest in some nice rugs – you never know when these lyrical bandits might come knocking at your door!

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