25 Squares By Big Bank Black Ft Future

Song meaning of 25 Squares by Big Bank Black (Ft. Future)



Song meaning for 25 Squares by Big Bank Black (Ft. Future)

"25 Squares" by Big Bank Black featuring Future is a gritty and introspective track that delves into the struggles and triumphs of coming up in the streets and making it big in the music industry. The song opens with Future cautioning against letting vices like lean hold you back from reaching your full potential, setting the tone for a narrative of overcoming obstacles and achieving success.

The chorus reflects a mindset focused on financial success and material wealth, with Future boasting about having checks on his mind and two identical Bentleys. The repetition of the line "I can vividly see the day I was going in 'em" suggests a sense of clarity and determination in pursuing his goals. The reference to "25 squares and a rental" alludes to a past life of hustling and grinding, juxtaposed with the current reality of having a million on him and the potential to eliminate competition.

Big Bank Black's verse adds depth to the song, recounting a journey from a rough upbringing to becoming a boss with a "billion dollar mind." The imagery of white powder turning to blow symbolizes the transformation and evolution of his lifestyle, while references to OGs, addiction, and the streets paint a vivid picture of his past struggles and eventual rise to success.

Future's verse further explores themes of resilience and self-reliance, with mentions of baking soda, xans, and street life experiences. The line "I knew when I was on that corner I wasn't average" highlights a sense of self-awareness and ambition, while the references to loyalty, instincts, and street affiliations underscore the importance of staying true to oneself and trusting one's gut in navigating a challenging environment.

Overall, "25 Squares" is a raw and authentic portrayal of the hustle and grind that defines the paths of Big Bank Black and Future, showcasing their determination to overcome adversity and achieve greatness in the face of obstacles. The song's lyrics serve as a testament to the resilience, ambition, and unwavering drive that propel them towards success in a competitive and unforgiving industry.

Funny song meaning for 25 Squares by Big Bank Black (Ft. Future)

Ah, "25 Squares" by Big Bank Black and Future, where they brilliantly tackle the age-old debate of whether it's better to have checks on your mind or squares in a rental. Future starts off by warning us not to let lean hold us back from our full potential, because, you know, nothing says "reach for the stars" like glorifying a drink that makes you move slower than a sloth on a Netflix binge. But hey, if you've got two identical Bentleys, because one is just never enough when you're in the rap game, you're obviously a general in the making. And let's not forget the lyrical genius of turning white powder into blow, because apparently, that's the kind of magic trick that'll have Houdini rolling in his grave. So, as they reminisce about the days of finesse and being a savage, just remember, kids, the key to success is apparently having a billion dollar recipe – who knew it was as simple as baking soda and xan's? Ah, the poetic beauty of mumble rap at its finest!

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