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1996 Fat Beats Freestyle By Kanye West

Song meaning of 1996 Fat Beats Freestyle by Kanye West

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Song meaning for 1996 Fat Beats Freestyle by Kanye West

In the song "1996 Fat Beats Freestyle" by Kanye West, the artist showcases his lyrical prowess and confidence as he delivers a freestyle over a raw and energetic beat. The lyrics are filled with clever wordplay and references that demonstrate Kanye's self-assuredness and skill in the rap game.

Kanye starts off by asserting his dominance in the rap scene, declaring, "Yo it's the Lake Shore Drive, Keep it live, tight, raw." This line sets the tone for the rest of the song, with Kanye exuding confidence in his abilities. He criticizes other rappers who try to imitate his style, rapping, "Insert the disk, watch a nigga press delete, Tryna flex your technique, You gettin' blasted with a TEC." Here, Kanye is calling out those who try to copy his flow, warning them that they will be swiftly dismissed.

Throughout the song, Kanye references his influences and the legacy he aims to leave behind. He mentions artists like Luther Vandross and EPMD, showcasing his appreciation for the pioneers of hip-hop. Kanye also alludes to his impact on future generations, rapping, "I stole it from the future, now I'm wanted in three centuries, The verbal killin', ask me where I got the style, Told 'em from my grandchildren." This line highlights Kanye's belief in his own talent and the lasting impact he hopes to have on the music industry.

Overall, "1996 Fat Beats Freestyle" is a testament to Kanye West's confidence, skill, and ambition as an artist. The song serves as a showcase of his lyrical abilities and his determination to leave a lasting legacy in the world of hip-hop.

Funny song meaning for 1996 Fat Beats Freestyle by Kanye West

Oh boy, grab your popcorn folks, 'cause Kanye is taking us on a wild ride of lyrical madness with his 1996 Fat Beats Freestyle! In this lyrical rollercoaster, Kanye is like the Shakespeare of hip-hop, mixing metaphors left and right until you're left wondering if you even speak the same language as this lyrical genius. He's dropping truth bombs like it's nobody's business, calling out wannabe rappers living three blocks from nowhere and down the street from nothing - talk about savage burns! And don't even get him started on his rhyming skills, claiming he stole his style from the future - like, what even is that? Kanye is basically a time-traveling rap god, dropping bars hotter than the sun and cooler than Luther freakin' Vandross. So if you're not ready to have your mind blown by Kanye's verbal wizardry, then you better hop off this train at the next stop 'cause Yeezy's got mad lyrics to drop and he's not taking any prisoners!

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