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4th Dimension By Kids See Ghosts Ft Louis Prima

Song meaning of 4th Dimension by KIDS SEE GHOSTS (Ft. Louis Prima)

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Song meaning for 4th Dimension by KIDS SEE GHOSTS (Ft. Louis Prima)

"4th Dimension" by KIDS SEE GHOSTS (featuring Louis Prima) is a track that delves into themes of self-discovery, introspection, and spiritual awakening. The song opens with Louis Prima's nostalgic and whimsical intro, setting the stage for a journey into a new dimension of consciousness and understanding.

Kanye West's verse reflects a sense of empowerment and self-assurance, as he references material wealth with lines like "Bought a alligator, I ain't talkin' Lacoste" and compares himself to iconic figures like Master P and Rick Ross. However, amidst the bravado, there is a hint of vulnerability as he grapples with feeling lost and overwhelmed, symbolized by the line "She said I'm in the wrong hole, I said I'm lost." This juxtaposition of confidence and uncertainty adds depth to Kanye's character in the song.

Kid Cudi's verse takes a more introspective turn, exploring themes of redemption and inner turmoil. He reflects on past mistakes and the consequences of his actions, expressing a desire for spiritual cleansing and forgiveness. The line "I really hope the Lord heard me, we all live in sin" highlights a sense of remorse and a yearning for absolution.

The chorus, sung by Louis Prima, serves as a recurring motif throughout the song, questioning the nature of gifts and blessings, and perhaps hinting at a deeper, metaphorical meaning behind Santa's offerings. The repetition of the question "What is Santa bringing?" invites listeners to ponder the significance of gifts beyond their material value.

Overall, "4th Dimension" by KIDS SEE GHOSTS is a multi-layered track that combines elements of self-reflection, introspection, and spiritual exploration. The lyrics, infused with symbolism and metaphor, invite listeners to contemplate the complexities of human experience and the search for meaning in a world filled with both light and darkness.

Funny song meaning for 4th Dimension by KIDS SEE GHOSTS (Ft. Louis Prima)

Ah, the banger "4th Dimension" by Kanye West with KIDS SEE GHOSTS! Let's break it down like a piñata at a toddler's birthday party. So, Louis Prima is like that creepy uncle Santa who's coming down the chimney with a "great big smile," and apparently, even the kiddies are swinging in the latest style - Santa's gotta step up his game, I guess. Kanye chimes in, feeling so good he thinks he should cost, bought an alligator (no, not the Lacoste kind) and is just confused about which hole he's supposed to be in. Like, Kanye, calm down, maybe take a GPS next time. Kid Cudi jumps in, lost boy caught up in the dark, losing everything, telling cougars to get off him - sounds like a wild night out in the jungle. And with the chorus asking, "What is Santa bringing?" we're left wondering if Santa's mixing some dark magic potions or just cookies and milk. Overall, the theme song for confusion and lost boys, with a sprinkle of Santa and soul-selling cougars. The music industry ain't ready for this new dimension - it needs an intervention. You gotta love the chaos!

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