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Song meaning of Boarding School by Lana Del Rey

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Song meaning for Boarding School by Lana Del Rey

Hey there, music lovers! Today, I wanna chat with y'all about a song that really struck a chord with me - "Boarding School" by Lana Del Rey. Now, let me tell ya, this song is like a rollercoaster of emotions and meanings that just hit me right in the feels.

The chorus of the song goes like, "Everyone from home says that you're so cool, come on, everybody to the boarding school." This part really got me thinking about how we all have this image of being cool or fitting in, especially when we're young. It's like we're all trying to be part of this exclusive club, whether it's a real boarding school or just a metaphor for a certain lifestyle.

And then, in the verses, Lana sings about some pretty intense stuff like doing drugs, making love with teachers, and dealing with body image issues. She talks about being a fan of the pro-ana nation and using drugs to cope with food cravings. It's like she's painting this picture of a dark and twisted world where people are trying to escape their reality through destructive behaviors.

But then, there's this line that really stood out to me - "If you wanna get high with me, I'm in the back doin' crack, drinkin' p-p-pepsi." It's like Lana is inviting us into her world, showing us the raw and gritty side of life that we might not always see or understand.

As the song progresses, Lana talks about scholarships, education, and even references Wall Street and becoming a singer. It's like she's commenting on the different paths people can take in life, whether it's through education, talent, or just sheer determination.

And then, in the bridge, Lana sings, "When they said prolific, they weren't kidding, you thought that I was just a calendar kitten." It's like she's challenging the listener to see her for who she really is - a complex and multi-dimensional artist who's not afraid to push boundaries and explore the darker sides of human nature.

Overall, "Boarding School" by Lana Del Rey is a song that delves deep into themes of identity, rebellion, and the search for meaning in a world that can often feel confusing and overwhelming. It's a song that makes you think, feel, and maybe even question your own beliefs and values.

So, next time you listen to "Boarding School," really pay attention to the lyrics and let yourself be swept away by Lana's haunting vocals and thought-provoking words. Who knows, you might just discover something new about yourself in the process.

Until next time, keep on listening to the music that moves you and never stop exploring the depths of your own soul. Peace out, music fam!

Funny song meaning for Boarding School by Lana Del Rey

Oh, Lana Del Rey, always serving up a slice of that melodramatic, edgy pie. In "Boarding School," Lana takes us on a wild ride through the scandalous halls of academia. We've got it all here folks - drugs, inappropriate relationships with teachers, townie lovers with tattooed behinds, and a casual shoutout to the pro-ana diet movement because nothing says "cool" like starving yourself for perfection, right? But hey, don't worry about all that, because according to Lana, as long as you're getting high in the back, snorting crack and chugging Pepsi, you're living your best boarding school life. And don't forget about that scholarship to Yale, where apparently the curriculum involves some expert-level "doing it" classes. So grab your sugar cane, channel your inner pin-up queen, and swing on down to South Beach because at Lana's boarding school, the only subject worth studying is the art of sinnin'. Just remember to purr like a kitten and major in causing a scandal, because at the end of the day, everyone from home and town will agree - you're just too cool for regular school.

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