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Song meaning of Henry, come on by Lana Del Rey

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Song meaning for Henry, come on by Lana Del Rey

"Henry, come on" is a snippet of a song by Lana Del Rey that showcases her signature dreamy and nostalgic sound. The lyrics delve into themes of love, longing, and the complexities of relationships.

The opening lines, "I mean, Henry, come on / Do you think I'd really choose it? / All this off and on," suggest a sense of frustration and indecisiveness within a romantic connection. Lana Del Rey questions whether she would willingly choose to be in a relationship that is characterized by inconsistency and uncertainty. This could be interpreted as a reflection on the ups and downs that often come with love, and the internal struggle of deciding whether to continue investing in a relationship that may not always be stable.

The following lines, "Henry, come on / I mean, baby, come on / Do you think I'd really lose it on ya? / If you did nothing wrong," further emphasize the emotional turmoil within the relationship. Lana Del Rey expresses her desire for her partner to understand that her potential outbursts or moments of frustration are not necessarily a result of his actions. This could imply that she is grappling with her own internal struggles and insecurities, and her partner's presence is crucial in helping her navigate through them.

The chorus, "Last call, hey, y'all / Hang his hat up on the wall / Tell him that his cowgirl is gone / Come on and giddy-up," paints a vivid picture of a cowboy leaving town, with Lana Del Rey portraying herself as the "cowgirl" who is no longer present. This imagery adds a layer of nostalgia and longing to the song, as she bids farewell to a relationship that may have run its course. The use of cowboy imagery could also symbolize a sense of freedom and adventure, suggesting that Lana Del Rey is ready to move on and explore new experiences.

Overall, "Henry, come on" captures the emotional complexities and uncertainties that often accompany romantic relationships. Lana Del Rey's introspective lyrics and dreamy melodies create a melancholic atmosphere, inviting listeners to reflect on their own experiences with love and the challenges it brings.

Funny song meaning for Henry, come on by Lana Del Rey

Oh, Lana Del Rey, the queen of melodramatic love ballads strikes again! In "Henry, come on," she's begging Henry to, well, come on! Apparently, she's caught between the exhausting game of on-again-off-again with this Henry fella. She questions if she would really choose this rollercoaster ride willingly. But hey, if Henry didn't do anything wrong, she wants him to saddle up, put that hat on the wall, and accept that his cowgirl is outta there! So, Henry, quit lollygagging and giddy-up before Lana Del Rey finds herself a cowboy who knows how to ride that love rollercoaster a bit smoother! Yeehaw!

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