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Song meaning of Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson

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Song meaning for Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson

Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson is a song that tells the story of a woman named Annie who is attacked in her apartment by an unknown assailant. The lyrics describe the events of the attack, including Annie's attempts to escape and the bloodstains left on the carpet. The chorus repeatedly asks if Annie is okay and suggests that she has been hit by a smooth criminal. The song features a catchy beat and iconic dance moves, and has become one of Michael Jackson's most popular and recognizable songs.

Funny song meaning for Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson

Alright, let's breakdown this Smooth Criminal song by Michael Jackson. So basically, we have a guy who came into a girl's apartment and left bloody footprints on the carpet. She hides under a table, but he still sees her and she runs into the bedroom. Unfortunately, he strikes her down and it was her doom. Throughout the song, Michael Jackson keeps asking "Annie, are you okay?" but it seems like Annie is not doing well at all. He even sings about a sound at the window and a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation situation. Let's be real, this isn't smooth at all, this criminal is just straight up bad at his job. And why is Michael Jackson so concerned about Annie's well-being? Should we be worried about him too? Overall, this is not a love story, it's more of a crime story and honestly, we're concerned.

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