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Song meaning of Thriller by Michael Jackson

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Song meaning for Thriller by Michael Jackson

"Thriller" by Michael Jackson is a classic Halloween-themed song that tells a story of terror and suspense. The lyrics describe a night where something evil is lurking in the dark, and the protagonist is fighting for their life against a killer. The chorus repeats the title, emphasizing the thrilling and scary nature of the night. The bridge introduces the idea of night creatures and the dead walking, adding to the eerie atmosphere. The final verse suggests that changing one's phone number is the only way to escape the demons closing in. The song ends with Vincent Price's iconic spoken-word section, describing the terror that is about to unfold. Overall, "Thriller" is a timeless masterpiece that perfectly captures the essence of Halloween.

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Ah, yes, "Thriller" by Michael Jackson, the quintessential Halloween bop. Let's break it down. So, we've got a protagonist out and about at night when suddenly, they encounter something spooky. They try to scream but fear has rendered them mute. As they attempt to run away, they realize they're surrounded by demons and "no one's gonna save" them from the menace approaching. And what is this creature that is causing all this terror? Well, apparently it has "forty eyes" which honestly seems a bit excessive. Our hero is left fighting for their life against this killer, but thankfully Michael Jackson is here to "thrill" us more than any ghoul ever could and "hold us tight" through it all. We've also got Vincent Price ominously narrating the proceedings, and lyrics about "the funk of forty thousand years" and "grisly ghouls from every tomb" closing in to "seal [our] doom." It's enough to make you want to lock your doors and never venture outside again.

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