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Bored Of My Bullshit By Noah Kahan

Song meaning of Bored Of My Bullshit by Noah Kahan

Noah Kahan


Song meaning for Bored Of My Bullshit by Noah Kahan

"Bored Of My Bullshit" by Noah Kahan is a poignant reflection on self-awareness, creative struggles, and the longing for connection. The song delves into the internal conflict of feeling disillusioned with oneself and the desire to break free from self-imposed limitations. Kahan opens the song with the line, "You are not what I thought," suggesting a realization that his own perception of himself may not align with reality. This sentiment is further emphasized in the lines, "If I wrote a book of songs worth keeping, It'd be short and full of plot holes," highlighting a sense of inadequacy and imperfection in his creative output.

The chorus, "I am bored of all my bullshit, Nothing's yours if you can't hold it," encapsulates the frustration of feeling stagnant and disconnected from one's own artistry. Kahan uses vivid imagery such as comparing himself to a deer caught in headlights to convey a sense of vulnerability and alienation. The repetition of the chorus underscores the theme of self-examination and the longing for authenticity.

In the second verse, Kahan explores the struggle of finding inspiration and staying true to one's artistic vision. The line, "Burnt my lungs on the ash of every song I started writing, But got bored and smoked instead," speaks to the challenges of maintaining creative momentum and the temptation to seek distractions. The realization that "the only things worth writing are the things you want the most out of your head" reflects a deeper understanding of the importance of authenticity and personal connection in creative expression.

The outro revisits the theme of being trapped in a "nightmare parading as [his] wildest dreams," highlighting the internal conflict between ambition and self-doubt. The use of ambien as a metaphor for escapism and the feeling of being like a "fuckin' alien" underscores the sense of disconnection and longing for belonging. Overall, "Bored Of My Bullshit" is a raw and introspective track that delves into the complexities of self-discovery, creative fulfillment, and the search for genuine connection.

Funny song meaning for Bored Of My Bullshit by Noah Kahan

Oh boy, grab your tin foil hats, folks, because Noah Kahan is taking us on a wild ride through his cosmic emotional train wreck in "Bored Of My Bullshit." In this lyrical rollercoaster, Noah kicks things off by bluntly admitting, "You are not what I thought," which is basically him saying, "Surprise, I'm a walking disaster!" He then goes on to compare his life to a book with more plot holes and foreshadowing than a bad soap opera. And let's not forget the metaphorical gem where he declares, "I'm a deer in 3/4 quarter inch bike headlights," because nothing says inner turmoil like feeling like a freaking alien deer, am I right? As he yearns for his lost band and contemplates if his heart is still residing in someone's stomach (ew), it's clear that Noah is just a lost soul searching for meaning in a world of Ambien-induced nightmares and half-written songs - a true poetic mess that's as confusing as it is oddly relatable. So next time you're feeling like a lost deer alien in the headlights of life, just crank up this tune and embrace the chaos of being bored of your own bullshit.

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