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Song meaning of How to Fall* by Noah Kahan

Noah Kahan


Song meaning for How to Fall* by Noah Kahan

In Noah Kahan's song "How to Fall," the artist delves into the complexities of love and the fear of vulnerability. The lyrics convey a sense of self-blame and realization as the narrator reflects on a past relationship that ultimately turned sour. The opening lines, "And I blame myself for thinking love like somewhere I'll live, It's perfect for a moment then it turns back into sh*t," set the tone for the song's introspective exploration of love's fleeting nature and the disappointment that can come with it.

Kahan's admission of not loving the other person the way they needed or asked for is a poignant moment in the song, highlighting the struggle of balancing one's own fears and insecurities with the expectations of a partner. The lines, "And I loved you, Not the way I had to, Not the way you asked, Too terrified of pain," speak to the narrator's reluctance to fully open up and embrace love due to a fear of getting hurt.

As the song progresses, Kahan sings about coming to a realization and learning from past mistakes. The lines, "Until I realized my mistake, Now I know, how to fall, Without letting myself break," signify a moment of growth and understanding for the narrator. Through introspection and self-awareness, the narrator learns how to navigate the complexities of love without losing themselves in the process.

Overall, "How to Fall" by Noah Kahan is a soulful and introspective exploration of love, vulnerability, and personal growth. The lyrics capture the universal experience of grappling with fear and self-doubt in relationships, while also offering a message of resilience and learning from past mistakes. Kahan's emotive vocals and heartfelt lyrics make this song a poignant reflection on the highs and lows of love.

Funny song meaning for How to Fall* by Noah Kahan

Ah, Noah Kahan's "How to Fall" - a melodramatic masterpiece disguised as a heartfelt ballad. This song is basically a PSA on how not to be a total fumblebum when it comes to love. So, Noah's out here lamenting about how he thought love was gonna be all sunshine and rainbows, but surprise, surprise, it ends up being a hot mess express. He's like "Hey, I loved you, but not in the way you wanted me to because I was too scared of the inevitable heartbreak." Classic move, Noah. Then he's all like "Oh, I finally figured it out, guys! I now know how to fall without breaking myself into a million pieces." Slow clap for Noah, everyone. Thanks for the life lesson, buddy. Just remember folks, love is like trying to catch a greased up pig - slippery, messy, and always running away from you.

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