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Song meaning of MEAN! (Noah Kahan Remix) by Madeline The Person (Ft. Noah Kahan)

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Song meaning for MEAN! (Noah Kahan Remix) by Madeline The Person (Ft. Noah Kahan)

In the song "MEAN! (Noah Kahan Remix)" by Madeline The Person featuring Noah Kahan, the lyrics delve into themes of self-empowerment, individuality, and standing up against negativity and toxicity in relationships. The song opens with Madeline The Person expressing feelings of being belittled and dismissed by someone close to her, as she sings, "You said I take too much space, Half an inch from my face and you meant it." This line conveys a sense of feeling suffocated and invalidated by the other person's words and actions.

As the song progresses, Madeline The Person asserts her self-worth and independence, emphasizing that she is proud of being different from the person who tries to bring her down. The chorus highlights her resilience and refusal to conform to the other person's expectations, as she sings, "One thing I like about me is that I'm nothing like you and I never will be, Someone who loves how it sounds when they speak, You're not telling the truth, no, you're just being mean."

Noah Kahan's verse adds another layer to the narrative, as he reflects on the aftermath of the confrontation and the internal struggle of processing the hurtful words. The lyrics, "I spent the next forty-eight hours, Just biting you off in my head, I screamed at the drain in the shower, All the things that I wish I had said," capture the internal turmoil and desire for closure in the face of emotional manipulation.

Overall, "MEAN! (Noah Kahan Remix)" is a powerful anthem of self-assertion and defiance against negativity, with Madeline The Person and Noah Kahan delivering a message of self-love and resilience in the face of toxicity. The song encourages listeners to embrace their uniqueness and not let others' hurtful words define their worth.

Funny song meaning for MEAN! (Noah Kahan Remix) by Madeline The Person (Ft. Noah Kahan)

Oh, look at this drama llama extravaganza! "MEAN! (Noah Kahan Remix)" by Madeline The Person featuring Noah Kahan is the ultimate confrontational anthem for those who've ever had a toxic acquaintance tell them they're a bit too much to handle. Madeline is here dropping truth bombs like she's a verbal sniper, calling out this offender for literally invading her personal space and kicking her out of her own sentences. And Noah Kahan swoops in like the melodious hero we need in these chaotic times, harmonizing about spending 48 hours mentally chewing out this rude individual, because apparently, therapy is just too mainstream. The chorus is a pure gold mine of sarcasm, as they declare proudly that they're "nothing like you and never will be," emphasizing the sheer joy of not becoming a human echo chamber who adores the sound of their own voice. In this epic tale of passive-aggressive exchanges and shower arguments, Madeline and Noah serve up a delicious cocktail of self-awareness and boundary-setting, with a side of "I'm fabulous, you're ridiculous" sprinkled on top. So remember, folks, when life gives you meanies, just turn up the volume and dance away the negativity!

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