All Dem Talk By Noizy Ft Dutchavelli Gzuz

Song meaning of All Dem Talk by Noizy (Ft. Dutchavelli & Gzuz)



Song meaning for All Dem Talk by Noizy (Ft. Dutchavelli & Gzuz)

The song "All Dem Talk" by Noizy featuring Dutchavelli and Gzuz delves into the theme of authenticity and credibility in the world of bravado and tough talk. The chorus sets the tone, with Noizy proclaiming, "All of dem talk, None of dem walk, They say they are shooters, gunmen, Big dogs, let me see them bark." This immediately establishes a contrast between those who boast and those who actually follow through with their actions.

In Gzuz's verse, he paints a picture of a world where appearances can be deceiving. He raps about the harsh realities of life being tied to money and power, and calls out those who pretend to be something they're not. Lines like "Ist alles 'ne Frage des Geldes" (It's all a question of money) and "Du bist kein Täter, such mal den Fehler" (You're not a perpetrator, find the mistake) highlight the facade that some individuals put up to seem tough or intimidating.

Dutchavelli's verse continues the theme of proving oneself, with references to street life and the consequences of disrespect. He raps about his crew being the "realest in the city" and emphasizes the need to back up words with actions. Lines like "Can't let them do me just how they did Biggie" show a sense of awareness and caution in a world where bravado can have dangerous repercussions.

Noizy's verse brings a sense of reflection and solitude, with lines like "You never see me, up here, it's so lonely" and "Sitting on clouds, bash si taksi, m'u ka kthy dhe avioni" (Sitting on clouds, like a taxi, I returned and the plane). He touches on themes of success and isolation, highlighting the sacrifices and challenges that come with achieving one's goals.

Overall, "All Dem Talk" is a gritty and introspective track that challenges the listener to look beyond the surface and question the authenticity of those who talk a big game. The artists use vivid imagery and clever wordplay to convey a message of staying true to oneself and backing up words with actions in a world where talk is cheap.

Funny song meaning for All Dem Talk by Noizy (Ft. Dutchavelli & Gzuz)

Oh, here we have a bunch of tough guys trying to prove their street cred in "All Dem Talk" by Noizy. These dudes are all about talk, talk, talk, but when it comes to actually walking the walk, they seem to have two left feet. Gzuz rolls in boasting about his Neunmilli sticking out, making girls cry because he's using them, and claiming to be a rich Albanian living the high life. Meanwhile, Dutchavelli is on a mission to get men slumped, invest in guns, and make it clear that he's number one (in what, we're not entirely sure). And let's not forget Noizy sitting lonely on clouds, babbling about fancy cars and flying on planes. It's like a parody of a wannabe tough guy anthem - all bark, no bite, and a whole lot of questionable decisions. Just make sure to keep your cringe meter handy while listening to this one!

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