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Song meaning for All In by Noizy

The song "All In" by Noizy is a bold and confident anthem that showcases the artist's self-assured attitude and lavish lifestyle. The chorus sets the tone with the repeated line "King Zin, yeah me go all in," emphasizing a sense of going all out and fully committing to a certain lifestyle or mindset. The lyrics suggest a desire for extravagance and living life to the fullest, as seen in lines like "Ay, diamonds on my wrist, girl on my dick" and "Pussy, money, weed and Hennessy."

In the first verse, Noizy describes his attraction to a woman, using imagery of luxury and allure to convey his admiration. Lines like "Ti je devil që dukesh si lulebore" (You are a devil that looks like a flower) and "Ta du ftyrën tiparet si engjëllore" (I love your angelic features) paint a picture of a seductive and captivating individual. The lyrics also touch on themes of power and danger, with references to being a "vrasës" (killer) and feeling wild and untamed.

The second verse continues the theme of living large and embracing a lavish lifestyle. Noizy boasts about his success and wealth, mentioning his expensive car and carefree attitude towards partying. The lines "Yeah, jam young and rich dhe nuk kam veresi" (Yeah, I'm young and rich and I have no limits) highlight his confidence and disregard for societal norms. The mention of OTR (Noizy's label) adds a sense of camaraderie and loyalty to his crew.

Overall, "All In" by Noizy is a swaggering track that celebrates opulence, confidence, and living life on one's own terms. The lyrics convey a sense of bravado and a willingness to take risks, embodying the idea of going all in and embracing the high life without hesitation.

Funny song meaning for All In by Noizy

Oh, "All In" by Noizy, the anthem of King Zin and his extravagant lifestyle! The chorus is like a battle cry for King Zin to go all in, because why hold back when you're a king, right? With lyrics like "diamonds on my wrist, girl on my dick," it's clear that King Zin's priorities are as shiny as his bling. And let's not overlook the poetic comparison of the girl to a devil who looks like a flower; talk about mixed signals! But hey, when you're wild in appearance with a big sedra (whatever that is), it's only natural to ride out in style with your crew to places where no one knows you. It's like a VIP version of hide and seek! And don't forget Noizy's declaration of being big on another level, hitting the pedal like there's no tomorrow, and flexing about luxury cars and avoiding talking about bosses. It's all just a wild ride of partying, wealth, and avoiding responsibility, because who needs veresi (responsibility) when you're young, rich, and apparently invincible. In conclusion, "All In" is a quirky masterpiece that showcases the wild and carefree lifestyle of King Zin and his crew, making us all wonder if we've been partying wrong all this time.

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