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Song meaning of Benz I Ri by Noizy



Song meaning for Benz I Ri by Noizy

The song "Benz I Ri" by Noizy is a bold and confident anthem that showcases the artist's success and lavish lifestyle. The chorus repeats the phrase "Pare treja Benz i ri" which translates to "Money, three new Benz" in English, emphasizing Noizy's wealth and ability to afford luxury cars. This materialistic theme is further reinforced in the lines "Ti se din me siguri" which means "You know with certainty" and highlights the artist's confidence in his financial status.

In the first verse, Noizy boasts about his expensive cars, mentioning models like the 6.5 or 6.3 Benz, Maybach, and AMG. He contrasts his opulent lifestyle with those who doubt him, asserting that he and his crew are successful and have no shortage of money for gas. The lyrics also touch on themes of competition and authenticity, with lines like "OTR don’t fuck about / Saga after saga / We kill them / There ain’t no other" showcasing Noizy's determination to succeed in the music industry.

The bridge of the song celebrates Noizy's victories and success, with the repeated phrase "Mashallah" expressing gratitude and acknowledgment of blessings. The second verse delves into Noizy's background, referencing his past as a "shotta" (shooter) and his transition to focusing on music. He dismisses the need for drugs, highlighting his dedication to his craft and the financial rewards it brings.

Overall, "Benz I Ri" is a brash and unapologetic track that highlights Noizy's wealth, success, and confidence in his abilities. The song serves as a declaration of his status in the music industry and his unwavering commitment to his artistry.

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Ah, "Benz I Ri" by Noizy, a modern-day masterpiece that delves deep into the complexities of acquiring fancy cars and assertive swagger. In this lyrical saga, we witness a rollercoaster of emotions ranging from flaunting Benz cars like candy to rejecting potential baby mamas with a swift "I just wanna f*ck, no drama" mic drop. Noizy is basically declaring, "I may have been a shotta in the past, but now I'm all about my music and making millions—sorry, drugs, you're not welcome here." It's like a musical journey through the streets of Barcelona, with Tiki-taka style banter, shakas, and llakas flying left and right. Noizy is serving up a feast of confidence, success, and a sprinkle of "You peasants can't touch me" vibes. So, grab your Benz keys, buckle up, and ride along this wild lyrical journey of Benz obsession and unmatched swagger. It's a wild ride full of Benz's, "mashallah" blessings, and Noizy showing us all how it's done in the rap game! 🚗💰🔥

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