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Song meaning of Blessings by DIVINE & Noizy



Song meaning for Blessings by DIVINE & Noizy

"Blessings" by DIVINE and Noizy is a powerful collaboration that delves into the journey of overcoming struggles and embracing gratitude for the blessings received along the way. The song reflects on the artists' humble beginnings and the hard work they put in to achieve success. DIVINE opens the track by painting a picture of his past, where he recalls moments of scarcity and challenges. In the verse, he raps about his early struggles, such as not having school to attend, lacking cool items in his fridge, and finding no shoes in his drawer. These vivid details serve as a reminder of the hardships he faced before attaining his current status.

DIVINE's lyrics also touch upon the theme of perseverance and self-belief. He emphasizes the importance of staying true to oneself and not being swayed by external pressures. The lines "Zamane se dar nahi, Zamane hai humse" highlight his defiance against societal norms and his determination to carve his own path. The chorus reinforces the idea of staying grounded and true to one's roots, as the artists express gratitude for the positive aspects of their lives despite the challenges they have faced.

Noizy's verse adds another layer to the song, as he reflects on his journey from adversity to success. He mentions his commitment to helping others and giving back, showcasing a sense of responsibility towards his community. The lines "I remember them days, yeah, sleeping on the floor" and "No more living rough, you're a queen mamma" reveal his appreciation for his past struggles and his desire to provide a better life for his loved ones.

Overall, "Blessings" is a testament to resilience, gratitude, and the transformative power of hard work. The artists' introspective lyrics and heartfelt delivery convey a message of hope and perseverance, inspiring listeners to embrace their struggles and celebrate the blessings that come their way.

Funny song meaning for Blessings by DIVINE & Noizy

Ah, the classic anthem of the coast wale ladke, DIVINE and Noizy really hit us with some hard-hitting truths disguised in catchy beats. In "Blessings," DIVINE basically flexes about his humble beginnings, reminiscing about the days when he couldn't even find a pair of shoes in his drawer - like, seriously, how do you misplace shoes, bro? And then he goes on to thank his lucky stars for the blessings that brought him from shopping on Hill Road to chilling on billboards, all while proclaiming he's too cool for the streets, just chilling on his keyboard. And Noizy, oh Noizy, he's out here still chasing that paper like he's broke, making it rain on the poor while Mama wipes away tears of joy because her son finally made it out of sleeping on the floor. It's a whole saga of blessings, passion chasing, and coast wale ladke living their best lives while making sure Mama knows she's a queen now. These guys are like modern-day poets, weaving tales of struggle and success over sick beats. Blessings on blessings, indeed!

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