Boll Mo Me Pytje By Noizy Ft Sheila Haxhiraj Varrosi

Song meaning of Boll Mo Me Pytje by Noizy (Ft. Sheila Haxhiraj & Varrosi)



Song meaning for Boll Mo Me Pytje by Noizy (Ft. Sheila Haxhiraj & Varrosi)

"Boll Mo Me Pytje" by Noizy featuring Sheila Haxhiraj, Varrosi is a dynamic collaboration that delves into themes of self-confidence, success, and the challenges that come with it. The song opens with Noizy's confident flow, asserting his unique style and vision for the future. He paints a picture of ambition and determination, expressing a desire to push boundaries and reach new heights. This is exemplified in lines like "Kom stil unik, Like yes indeed, kom plane t ardhme" where he showcases his individuality and aspirations for the future.

The chorus, sung by Noizy and Sheila, repeatedly emphasizes the idea of being "shum high," which can be interpreted as being on top of the world or feeling elevated in one's success. Noizy questions why others may not understand his journey, highlighting the disconnect between his own experiences and the perceptions of those around him. The repetition of "Pse ju nuk dini une nuk kom faj" reinforces his confidence in his own path and decisions.

Varrosi's verse adds another layer to the song, with references to staying above the competition and remaining true to oneself. He addresses the challenges of success, noting how some may be surprised by his achievements but ultimately recognizing his talent and dedication. Varrosi's verse brings a sense of camaraderie and solidarity, highlighting the importance of staying grounded and focused amidst external pressures.

Overall, "Boll Mo Me Pytje" is a powerful anthem of self-assurance and resilience in the face of doubt and scrutiny. The artists' confident delivery and bold lyrics convey a message of perseverance and determination, urging listeners to trust in their own journey and not be swayed by external opinions. The song serves as a reminder to stay true to oneself and embrace one's accomplishments, no matter the challenges that may arise.

Funny song meaning for Boll Mo Me Pytje by Noizy (Ft. Sheila Haxhiraj & Varrosi)

Ah, "Boll Mo Me Pytje" by Noizy ft. Sheila Haxhiraj, Varrosi, and friends, a song that makes you go "uoouooo uoouooo uooo yeah" because apparently that's the perfect response to lyrics that sound like a mix between a random word generator and a malfunctioning GPS device. Noizy comes in with a flow so sick, claiming to have a "unik stil" that's as offensive as a fashion disaster on a runway in Candyland. Sheila jumps in, teasing Noizy with "krejt cullak" and wondering why he's so obsessed with taking photos of everyone, perhaps because they need evidence of this lyrical madness for future generations to marvel at. Varrosi joins the fun, declaring they're all "shum high" and clearly too high to comprehend the gravity of the lyrical chaos they've unleashed upon the world. Lil Koli drops some wisdom, essentially saying, "I don't have time for your nonsense, I'm too busy being important" before reminding us that time is precious and he has no time for anyone messing with his vibe. In conclusion, this song is a high-flying circus of nonsensical lyrics, questionable rhymes, and a whole lot of "skom faj" moments where the only appropriate response is to just sit back, listen, and wonder what on earth is happening. But hey, at least they're having fun up there in the clouds of confusion!

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