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Song meaning of All These Things by OneRepublic



Song meaning for All These Things by OneRepublic

"All These Things" by OneRepublic is a heartfelt song that speaks to the depth of love and devotion one person is willing to offer to another. The lyrics convey a sense of unwavering commitment and sacrifice, as the singer promises to go to great lengths to support and uplift their partner. In the first verse, lines like "I’ll be a fool when the sun's out, Burn you a fire when you burn out" suggest a willingness to be there in both good times and bad, providing warmth and support when needed.

The chorus emphasizes the singer's determination to mend what is broken and start anew, symbolizing a desire to heal past wounds and move forward together. Lines such as "I’ll do all these things for you, Take what’s broken make it new" highlight the singer's willingness to put in the effort to rebuild and strengthen the relationship.

The bridge delves deeper into the theme of trust and redemption, with phrases like "Something to trust for the first time" and "Making it up for the last nights" hinting at a desire to overcome past mistakes and build a foundation of honesty and reliability. The song's repeated chorus reinforces the singer's commitment to their partner, promising to continue to do whatever it takes to support and love them.

Overall, "All These Things" is a powerful declaration of love and dedication, with lyrics that resonate with anyone who has experienced the highs and lows of a deep, meaningful relationship. The song captures the essence of selfless love and the willingness to do whatever it takes to make things right and stand by the one you love.

Funny song meaning for All These Things by OneRepublic

Ah, "All These Things" by OneRepublic, the anthem for all those who want to be a romantic hero but end up sounding like a desperate stalker instead. I mean, who wouldn't want a partner who promises to be a fool, burn things, give away their future, and even offer their youth for "some million days"? Sounds more like a shady deal with the devil than a love song. And don't even get me started on being a drug that can't be bought – seems like someone has been watching too many episodes of Breaking Bad. But hey, at least they admit to making up for the last nights of lies and manipulation, right? Who needs trust and honesty in a relationship when you can just have someone's soul in a couple of years instead? Move over, cupid, OneRepublic is here to redefine romance in the most bizarre and slightly concerning way possible.

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