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Song meaning of 10:0 фристайл (Freestyle) by PHARAOH



Song meaning for 10:0 фристайл (Freestyle) by PHARAOH

"10:0 фристайл" by PHARAOH is a powerful and aggressive track that showcases the artist's confidence and dominance in the rap game. The lyrics are filled with bold statements and braggadocious lines that assert PHARAOH's superiority over his detractors. In the intro, he sets the tone by declaring that only foolish individuals would dare stand in his way, establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with.

Throughout the song, PHARAOH exudes a sense of self-assurance and defiance, dismissing those who envy him or seek to challenge his position. Lines like "Ты меня так ненавидишь, потому что я урод" (You hate me so much because I'm ugly) and "Когда я вхожу, как сумрак, тебя, лох, бросает в пот" (When I enter like twilight, you, fool, start sweating) highlight his unapologetic demeanor and willingness to confront his critics head-on.

The chorus, with its repetitive chant of "Десять-ноль" (Ten-zero), reinforces PHARAOH's message of complete domination and victory. He confidently proclaims his triumph over all challengers, emphasizing his unwavering confidence and resilience in the face of adversity. The repeated refrain of "Фара всех ебал, это естественно" (Pharaoh fucked everyone, it's natural) further solidifies his position as a formidable figure in the rap scene.

Overall, "10:0 фристайл" is a bold and assertive track that showcases PHARAOH's unapologetic attitude and unwavering self-belief. The lyrics serve as a declaration of his strength and resilience, as well as a warning to those who dare to underestimate him. Through his confident delivery and powerful wordplay, PHARAOH cements his status as a force to be reckoned with in the world of Russian rap.

Funny song meaning for 10:0 фристайл (Freestyle) by PHARAOH

Ah, the majestic poetic genius of our time, *PHARAOH*. In this lyrical masterpiece titled "10:0 Freestyle," we witness a raw display of self-confidence and swagger that can only be described as *chef's kiss*. Our protagonist exudes such charm that even the dumbest losers can't help but bow down before him. And who can blame them? With lines like "You hate me so much because I'm ugly" and "When I enter, like twilight, you, fool, sweat buckets," we are all left in awe of his unparalleled beauty and charm, truly the epitome of perfection. And let's not forget the profound wisdom he imparts, teaching us that sucking on aerosol spray cans is a surefire way to attract the ladies. All hail *PHARAOH*, the true conqueror, who effortlessly dominates the competition with a score of 10-0, reminding us all that he's the king and we're all just peasants in the presence of his greatness. Witty, bold, and unapologetically savage, this freestyle is a lyrical masterpiece that will go down in history as the anthem of the gods. Bow down, mortals, and bask in the glory of *PHARAOH*.

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