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Song meaning of 20.06.17 (Snippet) by PHARAOH



Song meaning for 20.06.17 (Snippet) by PHARAOH

"20.06.17 (Snippet)" by PHARAOH is a song that delves into the theme of forgetting and letting go of past memories and experiences. The chorus, which repeats the lines "Я забываю их, как вещи" (I forget them like things), emphasizes the act of forgetting as a way to move on and detach oneself from the past. The repetition of "O my god" and "О мой бог" adds a sense of disbelief or astonishment at the ease with which the narrator is able to forget.

The lyrics suggest a sense of detachment and emotional distance, as the narrator compares forgetting to treating memories like objects that can be discarded. The line "Этому сну не стать вещим" (This dream cannot become a thing) hints at a desire to keep certain dreams or aspirations separate from the tangible world, perhaps to protect them from being tainted or forgotten.

Overall, "20.06.17 (Snippet)" by PHARAOH explores the complex emotions surrounding memory and the act of forgetting, highlighting the importance of letting go in order to move forward. The song's minimalist lyrics and repetitive structure create a hypnotic and introspective atmosphere, inviting listeners to reflect on their own relationships with the past and the process of memory.

Funny song meaning for 20.06.17 (Snippet) by PHARAOH

Ah, Pharaoh, the master of poetic ambiguity strikes again! In this lyrical masterpiece "20.06.17 (Snippet)" he delves into the existential crisis of forgetting people like objects, or maybe it's just a really forgetful shopping trip, who knows! With the haunting repetition of "O my god", it's as if Pharaoh is personally victimized by the concept of memory loss. Is he really talking about people? Or is it a metaphor for all those times he misplaced his keys and had to call a locksmith? The profound statement "Этому сну не стать вещим" leaves us pondering the deep mysteries of life - is this dream trying to become an object? Is it aiming to be a toaster or a pair of socks? In conclusion, Pharaoh's lyrical prowess knows no bounds, giving us a glimpse into the chaotic mind of a forgetful genius.

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