All Day By Aladin 135 Ft Plk

Song meaning of All Day by Aladin 135 (Ft. PLK)



Song meaning for All Day by Aladin 135 (Ft. PLK)

The song "All Day" by Aladin 135 featuring PLK delves into the themes of perseverance, loyalty, and staying true to oneself despite external pressures. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the artists' commitment to their craft and their determination to succeed in the face of challenges.

In the first verse by Aladin 135, he raps about his gritty reality and his refusal to give up on his goals. Lines like "J'suis venu, j'ai vaincu, j'leur ai mis tout au fond" (I came, I conquered, I put it all in them) showcase his triumph over adversity and his rise from the depths of society. He also references his loyalty to his crew, the Aladhyde Gang, and his willingness to make sacrifices for their collective success.

PLK's verse further emphasizes the theme of resilience and dedication. He talks about the grind of his daily life, with lines like "Jamais je lâcherai le binks, j'suis tous les jours dans mon hall" (I will never let go of the binks, I'm in my hall every day), highlighting his unwavering commitment to his craft. He also touches on the idea of staying true to his roots and not changing despite fame and success, as seen in the lines "Toujours dans l'binks, c'est juste plus moi qui découpe les cent G" (Always in the binks, it's just not me cutting the hundred G's anymore).

Overall, "All Day" is a powerful anthem of persistence and loyalty in the face of adversity. The artists' raw and honest lyrics convey a message of staying true to oneself and one's goals, no matter the obstacles that may come their way. The repetitive chorus and post-chorus chants of "Allez, allez, allez" serve as a rallying cry for perseverance and determination, making this song a motivational and empowering piece for listeners.

Funny song meaning for All Day by Aladin 135 (Ft. PLK)

Ah, the anthem for all the binks lovers out there! In this riveting masterpiece "All Day" by Aladin 135 and PLK, we are serenaded by the poetic genius of lines such as "Si tu me vois rentrer dans ta tête, dis-toi qu'c'est peut-être pour te la mettre" which roughly translates to "If you see me entering your head, just know it's maybe to put it in." Truly profound, isn't it? They paint a vivid picture of a world where clouds of smoke swirl in rooms as they navigate through the struggles of everyday life, such as dealing with the police who apparently have a strong desire to see them wearing yellow. PLK adds his insightful commentary about being sucked like a morning and evening medication, and the importance of the beloved "binks" for his creative process. And let's not forget the deep philosophical ponderings on never changing one's mind, because why mess with perfection, right? So, let us all join in the chant of "Allez, allez, allez, eh, ouais, allez, allez, allez, oh" and embrace the sheer brilliance of this modern lyrical masterpiece!

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