Avec Le Temps By Lesram Ft Plk

Song meaning of Avec le temps by Lesram (Ft. PLK)



Song meaning for Avec le temps by Lesram (Ft. PLK)

The song "Avec le temps" by Lesram featuring PLK delves into the harsh realities faced by young individuals growing up in tough neighborhoods, grappling with societal pressures and the allure of quick money and risky behavior. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the struggles and choices faced by these youths as they navigate their way through life.

In the first verse, the artists describe how young boys in the neighborhood are drawn to a life of delinquency, prioritizing material possessions and risky activities over education and personal growth. Lines like "Ils s'mettent à zoner sous les tours, ils sortent d'chez lui à sept heures" and "Attirés par le risque, le fric, les trucs illégaux" highlight the allure of danger and easy money that can lead them down a destructive path.

As the song progresses, the artists reflect on the passage of time and the transformation of these once innocent children into hardened individuals. The chorus repeats the phrase "Avec le temps, j'ai vu les p'tits d'ma rue, devenir des grands, des grands ont disparu," emphasizing the inevitable changes and losses that come with growing up in a challenging environment.

The second verse delves deeper into the consequences of getting involved in illegal activities, showcasing how some of these young individuals end up dropping out of school and turning to crime to make ends meet. Lines like "Il sort des sons mais ils sont mal mixés" and "Ils ont vite compris qu'un client ramène un client" illustrate the cycle of criminal behavior and the harsh realities faced by those who choose this path.

The final verse reflects on the aftermath of these choices, with themes of regret, loss, and the passage of time. The lines "Ils se sont fait remplacer comme dans The Wire" and "Ils ont fini entassés dans des bâtiments cassés" paint a bleak picture of the consequences of a life lived on the edge of legality.

Overall, "Avec le temps" is a poignant and introspective song that sheds light on the struggles faced by young individuals in disadvantaged communities, highlighting the importance of making the right choices and learning from the passage of time.

Funny song meaning for Avec le temps by Lesram (Ft. PLK)

Oh wow, it's like the rap version of a cautionary tale mixed with a coming-of-age story, but with a lot more swag and Audi RS references! Seems like Lesram and PLK are giving us a glimpse into the lives of these "tits-pe" (which I'm assuming means tiny people with big dreams) who are all about hustling under the towers, skipping school, and chasing that risky, illegal money-making lifestyle. Think of it as a modern-day version of "Oliver Twist" but instead of asking for more porridge, they're out here making shady deals and dodging the authorities like pros. And hey, who needs love or education when you can have fast cars, questionable music mixes, and a whole lot of street cred? It's like a crash course in street smarts and bad life decisions set to a sick beat. And the moral of the story? Time flies when you're too busy hustling and before you know it, you might find yourself replaced by the next generation of up-and-coming hustlers who are ready to take your spot in the rap game. It's like a hip-hop version of musical chairs, but with a lot more drama and less actual sitting. So buckle up, kids, because the streets are watching, and they're not here for your rookie mistakes or mixtape struggles. Time to level up or get left in the dust – your move, "p'tits d'ma rue"!

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