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Song meaning of BNB by Enima (Ft. PLK)



Song meaning for BNB by Enima (Ft. PLK)

The song "BNB" by Enima featuring PLK delves into themes of street life, luxury, and the pursuit of success. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a lifestyle filled with opulence, hustle, and a sense of defiance against societal norms.

In the chorus, PLK sets the tone by emphasizing the need for survival in a harsh world where "rats" must eat from Monday to Sunday. This line reflects the idea of constantly striving and hustling to make ends meet. The mention of calling a girl for a "vidange" (French for oil change) adds a layer of metaphorical depth, suggesting a need for release or escape from the pressures of life.

Enima's verse showcases a braggadocious attitude towards wealth and success, with references to expensive jewelry, relationships, and a disregard for material possessions. Lines like "J'ai pris un million maybe, toi, t'es un pion, et oui" highlight a sense of superiority and ambition to rise above others in the game of life.

PLK's verse continues the theme of success and power, with references to illicit activities, investments, and a nonchalant attitude towards authority. The imagery of escaping a slippery slope and doubling down on risky moves conveys a sense of calculated risk-taking and confidence in one's abilities.

Overall, "BNB" captures the essence of a lifestyle where luxury, ambition, and defiance intersect. The artists use vivid imagery and clever wordplay to paint a picture of a world where survival of the fittest reigns supreme, and success is measured by one's ability to navigate the complexities of street life.

Funny song meaning for BNB by Enima (Ft. PLK)

Oh, my sweet baguette! Let's dissect this lyrical masterpiece, shall we? So, "BNB" by Enima and featuring PLK seems like a thrilling tale straight out of a French soap opera. PLK kicks off the drama by casually mentioning something about rats needing to eat from Monday to Sunday – talk about a balanced diet plan! Then, Enima chimes in with some Batmobile action, declaring that if you work with the police, you probably earn less than a nanny. Shots fired! Also, he seems to have a knack for collecting jewelry and ladies, while throwing shade at other rappers for not being street enough. And PLK? Oh, he's just out here dodging gloss marks, taking flights to Corsica, and pulling off some slick maneuvers like a French James Bond. The song wraps up with a tantalizing mix of cryptocurrency, Airbnbs filled with diamond-dancing beauties, and a promise to fix up your life with some quality upgrades. Bon appétit for the ears, mes amis!

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