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Song meaning of Afraid of Everyone by The National

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Song meaning for Afraid of Everyone by The National

"Afraid of Everyone" by The National delves into themes of fear, anxiety, and the struggle to protect loved ones in a world filled with uncertainty and danger. The lyrics paint a picture of a narrator who is constantly on edge, haunted by a sense of paranoia and vulnerability. The repetition of the line "I'm afraid of everyone" throughout the song underscores the pervasive feeling of unease and mistrust that the narrator experiences.

In the first verse, the imagery of "Venom radio and venom television" suggests a toxic and hostile environment that contributes to the narrator's fear of others. The juxtaposition of "young blue bodies with the old red bodies" hints at a generational divide and the idea of innocence being tainted by experience. This could symbolize the fear of losing one's purity or naivety in a harsh world.

The chorus reveals a poignant moment of vulnerability as the narrator expresses a desire to protect their child while grappling with their own inner turmoil. The line "With my kid on my shoulders I try not to hurt anybody I like" showcases the internal conflict between the instinct to shield loved ones from harm and the fear of inadvertently causing harm oneself.

The use of the orange umbrella and star-spangled tennis shoes in the second verse can be interpreted as symbols of protection and patriotism, respectively. However, even with these defenses in place, the narrator remains "afraid of everyone," highlighting the pervasive nature of their fear.

The outro, with its repetition of "Yellow voices swallowing my soul," conveys a sense of being overwhelmed and consumed by anxiety and doubt. The color yellow often symbolizes caution and fear, further emphasizing the theme of trepidation that runs throughout the song.

Overall, "Afraid of Everyone" by The National is a poignant exploration of the complexities of fear and the struggle to navigate relationships and responsibilities in a world fraught with uncertainty. The lyrics offer a raw and introspective look at the internal battles that can arise when faced with the harsh realities of life.

Funny song meaning for Afraid of Everyone by The National

Oh, boy, here we go with "Afraid of Everyone" by The National! So, let me get this straight - the lead singer is terrified of everyone, including venom-spewing radios and televisions, and old red bodies? Sounds like he needs to upgrade his security system, folks! And what's with defending his family with an orange umbrella? Is he trying to fend off the big bad wolf with a citrus-colored parasol? And let's not forget the star-spangled tennis shoes - apparently, patriotism and footgear go hand in hand in his world. And those yellow voices swallowing his soul at the end? Sounds like someone needs a lozenge, or maybe some serious therapy! Sheesh, who knew being afraid of everyone could be so darn musical!

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