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A Foggy Day In London Town By Van Morrison

Song meaning of A Foggy Day (In London Town) by Van Morrison

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Song meaning for A Foggy Day (In London Town) by Van Morrison

"A Foggy Day (In London Town)" by Van Morrison is a classic jazz standard that captures the melancholic atmosphere of a foggy day in London. The song portrays the narrator's initial feelings of gloom and despair as he navigates through the misty city. The lyrics in the first verse set the scene, with lines like "A foggy day, Down in London town, Had me down" expressing the narrator's downcast mood. The mention of Trafalgar Square losing its charm emphasizes the dreariness and lack of vibrancy in the city.

However, as the song progresses, there is a shift in tone. The pre-chorus introduces the idea that miracles can still happen, as the sun suddenly breaks through the fog, bringing a smile to the narrator's face. This is highlighted in the chorus with the lines, "Well in foggy London town, the sun kept shinin', Everywhere, everywhere, everywhere." Here, the sun becomes a symbol of hope and optimism, suggesting that even in the darkest of times, there is still a glimmer of light.

In the second verse, the narrator's mood improves further as he encounters someone special. The British Museum, which had lost its charm earlier, now regains its allure. The lyrics, "Then I saw babe, I saw you standin' right there, In foggy London town, the sun kept shinin', Everywhere," indicate that the presence of this person brings warmth and brightness to the narrator's life. The foggy day becomes a backdrop for a serendipitous encounter, where love and connection transcend the gloom.

The outro of the song references the nightingale singing in Berkeley Square, a famous park in London. This adds to the romantic and dreamlike quality of the song, suggesting that even in the midst of fog and uncertainty, beauty and joy can still be found.

Overall, "A Foggy Day (In London Town)" by Van Morrison explores the contrast between the initial desolation of a foggy day in London and the eventual emergence of hope and love. It reminds us that even in the darkest moments, there is always the possibility of finding light and happiness.

Funny song meaning for A Foggy Day (In London Town) by Van Morrison

Ah, "A Foggy Day (In London Town)" by Van Morrison, or as I like to call it, the anthem for dramatic weather enthusiasts. So, we find our dear Van strolling through London town on a foggy day, all gloomy and dramatic like a teenager who lost their phone charger. Trafalgar Square apparently lost its charm because, well, who wants to admire a foggy square, am I right? But hold on, folks! Just when Van is about to give up on life, the age of miracles strikes him like a lightning bolt, or more accurately, like a burst of sunlight through the thick fog. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the sun of smile makes its grand entrance, probably desperate for a little vitamin D. And amidst all the fog, the sun just keeps shining everywhere, because, you know, even the sun has a sense of humor and enjoys messing with Londoners. But hey, it's not all about fog and sun, no. Van sees a babe standing there, and suddenly everything is alright in this foggy mess. Love conquers all, people, especially love in foggy London town. And just when we think it can't get any more surreal, a nightingale starts singing its little heart out in Berkeley Square. How fitting! So, here's to foggy days, British museums losing their charm, miracles, and nightingales serenading us in the most unexpected places. Cheers!

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