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A Kiss To Build A Dream On By Van Morrison

Song meaning of A Kiss To Build A Dream On by Van Morrison

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Song meaning for A Kiss To Build A Dream On by Van Morrison

"A Kiss To Build A Dream On" by Van Morrison is a romantic ballad that explores the power of a simple kiss to ignite the imagination and create a world of dreams and fantasies. The song captures the longing for connection and the desire to hold onto a moment of love before parting ways.

The opening verse sets the tone, as Van Morrison sings, "Give me a kiss to build a dream on, and my imagination will thrive upon that kiss." Here, the kiss is portrayed as a catalyst for the imagination, a spark that fuels the dreams and desires of the singer. It represents a deep yearning for emotional connection and the belief that a single kiss can create a world of possibilities.

In the second verse, the singer pleads, "Oh give me a kiss before you leave me, and my imagination will feed my hungry heart." Here, the kiss becomes a source of sustenance for the heart, a way to satiate the longing and hunger for love. The singer asks for this kiss as a way to hold onto something tangible before the inevitable separation.

The bridge of the song emphasizes the singer's dependence on this kiss, as he confesses, "When I'm alone, alone with my fancies, I need you weaving romances. You got to believe it's true." The kiss becomes a lifeline, a means to escape the solitude and find solace in the world of dreams and fantasies.

In the final verse, the singer implores, "Oh, give me a kiss for just a moment, and my imagination will make that moment you." Here, the kiss is elevated to a transformative experience, where the imagination can turn a fleeting moment into a lasting connection. It emphasizes the power of love and the ability to create a world of dreams through a single kiss.

Overall, "A Kiss To Build A Dream On" is a heartfelt and poetic exploration of the profound impact a kiss can have on the human spirit. It speaks to the universal longing for love and connection, and the belief that a single kiss can ignite a world of dreams and possibilities.

Funny song meaning for A Kiss To Build A Dream On by Van Morrison

Ah, "A Kiss to Build a Dream On" by Van Morrison. A true classic that reminds us all of the power of smooching. This song is all about the fantastical realm of imagination that is unlocked by a simple peck on the lips. Van is begging for a kiss here, like his life depends on it. He's saying, "Listen, sweetheart, I don't ask for much. Just plant one on me and watch my imagination go wild." It's like he's channeling his inner daydreamer, desperately craving that momentary bliss that can only come from a lip-lock. And when he's alone with his fancies, boy oh boy, does he need you. He's over there weaving these grand romantic narratives in his mind, convinced they're rooted in reality. So, folks, if you want to give Van Morrison the key to his wildest dreams, just pucker up and deliver that magical kiss. It's the gateway to his imagination and the fuel for his hungry heart. Dreams are made of kisses, my friends. Dreams are made of kisses.

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