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Song meaning of 2 BEST FRIENDS by Waterparks



Song meaning for 2 BEST FRIENDS by Waterparks

"2 BEST FRIENDS" by Waterparks is a song that delves into the struggles of moving on from a past relationship and the desperation to escape the thoughts and memories associated with it. The lyrics paint a picture of someone who is trying to distract themselves from their lingering feelings but ultimately finds themselves trapped in a cycle of pain and longing.

In the first verse, the narrator expresses their desire to escape their own thoughts, stating, "I'm tryin' to turn my mind off, but I don't know where to go when the night's long." They feel overwhelmed and lost, seeking solace in the company of their friends. However, even with the blinds drawn and the lights off, they cannot escape the memories of their past lover, as indicated by the line, "I coulda picked your body in a lineup."

The pre-chorus reveals the frustration and emotional toll of waiting for their ex to reach out, while knowing that they are out enjoying their life without them. The narrator admits to playing it cool, but deep down, they confess, "I wanna die." This line showcases the intensity of their emotions and the pain they are experiencing.

The chorus serves as the main refrain, emphasizing the narrator's attempt to distract themselves from their thoughts by going out with their two best friends. They try anything to not think about their ex, but it proves to be futile, leaving them feeling like "shit." Despite their efforts, they resolve to wake up the next day and try again, highlighting their resilience and determination to move forward.

In the second verse, the narrator addresses their ex's actions, accusing them of treating their heart like a disposable item. They express their loneliness in the cold nights, seeking comfort in the arms of others, but finding that the taste of these new experiences is wrong, suggesting that they are unable to find solace or connection with anyone else.

Overall, "2 BEST FRIENDS" captures the struggle of trying to move on from a past relationship while being haunted by memories and emotions. It portrays the desperation to escape these thoughts and the cycle of pain and longing that comes with it.

Funny song meaning for 2 BEST FRIENDS by Waterparks

Ah, Waterparks, the masters of emotional turmoil masked behind an upbeat tune. In "2 BEST FRIENDS," the lead singer is going through an epic struggle of trying to distract himself from thinking about someone who clearly doesn't give a flying flip about their existence. As they drown themselves in darkness, they attempt to turn their mind off, but where should they go when the night is so long? Probably far, far away from this human disaster. They even resorted to picking this person's body from a lineup! Seriously, you'd think they were auditioning for a CSI role. Alas, their attempts to keep their sanity fail miserably, and they wake up feeling like a dumpster fire. But hey, at least they have their two best friends to join them on this chaotic journey of self-destruction, because nothing says "dealing with heartbreak" like trying anything not to think of someone while feeling like a pile of excrement. Bravo, Waterparks, for reminding us that sometimes the only way to heal is to wallow in our own misery surrounded by our equally dysfunctional friends. Cheers to waking up tomorrow and trying again, although we all secretly know it won't work. Rock on, my emotionally tortured troubadours!

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