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Земфира (Zemfira)


Song meaning for DENGI by OWLORDIE

The song "DENGI" by OWLORDIE featuring Земфира (Zemfira) explores the theme of money and its significance in society. The lyrics delve into the idea that everyone needs money, but question what money truly represents. The hook, sung by Zemfira, repeats the line "Everyone needs money, but what is money?" This repetition emphasizes the universal desire for wealth and material possessions, while also suggesting a deeper contemplation of its true value.

In the first verse, OWL, the rapper, reflects on his own experiences and desires. He acknowledges that money is not the most important thing in life, but admits to being attracted to the luxury it brings. He refers to himself as a "broke-ass rapper" who still manages to provide for others. The verse also criticizes those who prioritize money above all else, referring to them as "booty-ass clappers" who only care about cash. OWL expresses his newfound success and confidence, boasting about his ability to create popular songs and accumulate wealth.

The bridge further explores the pursuit of money and the lengths people will go to obtain it. OWL encourages listeners to prioritize their own financial well-being, even if it means engaging in questionable activities. He mentions cooking with soda, a reference to drug dealing, and suggests that everyday drug use is acceptable in the pursuit of wealth. The lyrics also touch on the idea of wanting to become rich without sacrificing one's life, emphasizing the importance of survival and self-preservation.

In the second verse, OWL continues to criticize the obsession with money and the artificiality of society. He suggests that the love of money blinds people to the truth and leads to a lack of genuine human connection. The lyrics express a sense of disillusionment and hopelessness, with OWL proclaiming that he will never understand love and that he hopes to be found lying in a pool of money and blood. This imagery suggests a dark and violent end, possibly as a result of the destructive pursuit of wealth.

The outro, sung by Zemfira, reinforces the idea that everyone needs money, but questions the consequences of laziness and the desire to play life on a grand scale. It suggests that money can amplify both positive and negative traits, such as laziness and ambition.

Overall, "DENGI" explores the complex relationship between money, desire, and the impact they have on individuals and society. The lyrics delve into the superficiality and artificiality of the pursuit of wealth, while also acknowledging its allure and the universal desire for financial security.

Funny song meaning for DENGI by OWLORDIE

Ah, the deep and thought-provoking lyrics of DENGI by OWLORDIE featuring Земфира (Zemfira). Let's dive right into it, shall we? In this catchy tune, we explore the profound question of what exactly money is. Because, you know, as humans, we all need money to survive. But what the hell are they really? The song becomes a clever exploration of the lead singer's emotional turmoil brought on by humanity's obsession with wealth. OWL brings his unique perspective as a broke-ass rapper who's enticed by the allure of luxury. He's like, "Hey, man, money may not be everything, but damn, those Gucci shoes do look tempting!" *Insert eye-roll here.* And then he goes on to boast about his ability to make hit songs and how he used to have checks in the kitchen, but now he's got money in the back. So deep, right? But let's not forget about that catchy bridge where OWL advises us to run for our lives, get our money right, and cook with soda (because hey, that's how you become rich, apparently). Overall, DENGI is a compelling study on the profound impact of money on our lives, leaving us to wonder, "To cash or not to cash?" Deep stuff, my friend. Deep stuff, indeed.

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