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Song meaning of Stray Kids - 사각지대 (BLIND SPOT) (English Translation) by Genius English Translations

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Song meaning for Stray Kids - 사각지대 (BLIND SPOT) (English Translation) by Genius English Translations

The song "사각지대 (BLIND SPOT)" by Stray Kids is a powerful anthem that speaks to the struggles and determination of the members. The lyrics convey a sense of being overlooked and misunderstood, but also a strong resolve to prove themselves and make a difference. In the first verse, Seungmin and Han express the feeling of shouting into the darkness, where no one truly knows who they are. Despite this, they find solace in the fact that it's okay to fall behind the shining destination and hide their actions from the world. The lyrics suggest that the heaven they seek is peaceful, but they are constantly swaying under a silent sky, filled with memories of every moment. They proudly walk barefoot, symbolizing their resilience and determination. The pre-chorus, sung by I.N, Bang Chan, and Hyunjin, highlights the pressure they face from others who only focus on results and success. They feel that their true selves are hidden in the blind spot, unseen by those who only see what's on the surface. However, they are determined to show the world what they are made of and deserve recognition for their endless nights of hard work. They aim to shine bright and prove the doubters wrong, as they can feel their progress. The chorus, performed by Lee Know, Bang Chan, Seungmin, and Changbin, emphasizes their champion-like spirit and their desire to make a difference. They feel that everything is coming towards the approaching light, but they remain in the blind spot, still unnoticed. They are willing to sacrifice and strive for greatness, hoping to reach the end they've been longing for, where they can finally meet outside the blind spot. In the second verse, Felix and Changbin express their determination to keep going, even if no one knows them at the moment. They refuse to let failure bring them down and will hide their fears. They see themselves as part of an invisible process of blood and sweat, fighting against themselves and protecting their own growth. The bright moon rising while concealing the darkness represents their emergence from the shadows. The bridge, sung by Bang Chan, Felix, and Han, speaks of creating treasures in the darkness of a lonely night. They affirm that they are fine and will never give up. They believe that the light they create will eventually be revealed, and it's time to start lighting up the world. The outro, performed by Bang Chan and Seungmin, reiterates their champion-like spirit and their determination to make a difference and live for greatness. Overall, "사각지대 (BLIND SPOT)" is a song that encapsulates the struggles, determination, and resilience of Stray Kids. It speaks to their desire to be seen and recognized for their hard work, and their unwavering commitment to making a difference in the world.

Funny song meaning for Stray Kids - 사각지대 (BLIND SPOT) (English Translation) by Genius English Translations

Ah, the song "BLIND SPOT" by Stray Kids. Well, well, well, it seems like our boys are feeling a little bit unseen and overlooked, huh? They're shouting in the dark night, probably because they're tired of being ignored. But hey, they're saying it's okay because they can fall behind the shiny destination and hide what they did. Is someone feeling a little rebellious? Oh, and the heaven is supposedly peaceful, but it's swaying maliciously under the silent sky. That's deep, guys. And let's not forget the part about walking proudly, barefoot. How does that work? Are they trying to avoid stepping on anyone's toes? Interesting strategy. But hey, they're champions, shining bright and trying to make a difference. They're still there, in the blind spot, waiting for their moment to shine. Reminds me of that time I accidentally stood in front of a mirror thinking I was being reflected by an invisible cloak of invisibility. Awkward. Anyway, they're dying to live for greatness, because apparently dying to live for something less would be a waste of time. Keep fighting, boys. Keep fighting.

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